Our nation’s founding fathers would be proud to see that the country they built is still governed by law. This may not be the greatest case this (or any) judge has ever seen, but darn it, the woman broke the law and she had to defend herself. This is the Internet-famous Car Clock Case that most legislators probably don’t remember, but Facebook and YouTube audience will for many years. The suspect had the evidence against her and even admitted the wrong-doing, yet the case was dismissed in the matter of minutes. I have no idea how that happened, LOL. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
Thanks to the power of the social media auditions and talent shows are not the only way to get discovered. This girl had no idea she’d become the center of attention of music lovers worldwide when she bought tickets to Josh Groban’s concert. As luck would have it, the singer singled her out of the audience and encouraged her to do a duet with him and then this happened. The shy girl who was so nervous talking to her idol turned out to be a diamond in the rough when it comes to singing talent. As soon as she started [More]
No matter what time of year it is, it always feels like Christmas when I hear Pentatonix. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing it on loop since November but it’s probably because they somehow managed to bring back the traditional Holiday spirit I remember from my childhood. Whether you want to grab that feeling again or just enjoy the outstanding vocal capabilities of this A Capella super group, there’s simply no bad time to listen to them. December of February, does it even matter? Enjoy their own rendition of Joy To The World and stay happy. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
Everyone who knows the newlyweds James and Roisin know that it’s the bride who is the dancer in the relationship. On their wedding day, James decided to show everyone his dance moves and he picked probably the toughest dance to do it. These girls wowed the entire crowd with their mesmerizing Irish dance choreography when all of a sudden the music changed to something more modern and the groom took the dance floor. I give him 10/10 for the effort and courage to do it, but these girls are just too good to follow. I love his confidence though, so [More]
Few years ago X-factor Australia was trending all over the social media and it’s this girl everyone was talking about. Her name is Marlisa Punzalan and if you haven’t heard of her yet don’t worry, you will. It was the long awaited premiere of the season 6 of the show and boy did it start with the bang. I bet most people were expecting some kind of warm up or something, but this girl came on stage and set the bar too high for all the other competitors. Being shy and introverted, I thought those comments about her pants would [More]
Huskies are gorgeous dogs and amazing pets but if you ever plan on living with one, keep in mind things like this might happen every once in a while. They’re known for being quite vocal but this is actually the first time I’ve seen one talking back at his human mom. This is no random howling, this beautiful fur baby knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t say ‘NO’ to that face especially after that smile in the end. Adorable and smart, this pup is a keeper [More]
This is the only way to deal with negative comments… you just shake them off. Rilee may be born with dwarfism but she learned from the start how to deal with the bullies in the best way possible. Fight negativity with positive attitude. Here’s what this cutie has to say to all of them. Well actually she doesn’t need to say anything, she’s just gonna do her fierce dance to show everyone how much she doesn’t care about what they’re saying. No wonder she’s a YouTube sensation. We just love Rilee and we’re sharing this to support her. Share if [More]
15 years ago this lady lost the most important piece of jewelry she ever owned – her wedding ring. She searched the house countless times before finally coming to conclusion that it probably had been stolen. Letting go was hard but she learned to live without it. Recently, however, the ring found its way back to a man who put it on her finger so many years ago. It was stashed in a small wooden box everyone had forgotten about, but instead of just giving it to her, the man decided to do it properly. The lady’s reaction is just [More]
Gothic, Colorado is a small ghost town abandoned since 1920s and located in one of the coldest regions of the United States. However, there’s at least one man who still calls Gothic his home. A local resident named Billy Barr lives in a secluded cabin up in the mountains and never in 40 years that he has lived there did he think that scientist would find him interesting. When he began his hermit lifestyle there wasn’t much to do in a tiny cabin he called home so he found an unusual hobby to pass time and now the scientists find [More]
I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more than this woman. I felt her struggles and laughed and cried with her in the end. When her neighbor asked her to keep her eyes on her three children while she gets some medical tests done, she gladly accepted, but when the results came out it’s when the reality hit hard. Soon, three kids lost their mom and knowing how it’s like living without parents there was no way she was going to give them away to an orphanage. Raising 5 children of her own and 3 foster kids with a [More]