The town of Alexandria, Minnesota was still in shock over the disappearance of a teenage girl Jasmine Block almost a month earlier when a local farmer spotted something on his remote property. At first he thought it was a deer but as he started to approach it, he realized it was a girl. It was THE girl everyone was looking for. She was wet and scared and the story she told the Police can’t even begin to describe the horrors she’s been through in the time she was gone. I still can’t believe she had enough strength to escape after [More]
I don’t think men will ever understand what kind of emotion drives women to endure 9 months of pregnancy, morning sickness and painful delivery, but this may give them a clue. This extremely personal video shows the very first seconds of this baby’s life and the first time she met her mom. Ágata Ribeiro Coêlho was born via C-section on May 5 in Santa Monica hospital, Brazil and already she’s a star. The video you’ll see below captured millions of hearts by showing what a magical experience giving birth actually is. My eyes are getting wet just by watching this. [More]
It’s funny how reality TV talent competitions kind of look the same no matter what version of the show or country the show takes place in. As they perform the camera pans back and forth to the judges who are trying hard to look emotional and human. This viral episode of K-Pop Star, a South Korean reality talent show, is no exception. The episode of K-Pop Star featuring Shin Ji Hoon and Baek A Yeon’s performance of Les Miserables classic “I Dreamed a Dream” has gotten millions of views on YouTube. One look and you’ll see why. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Little Emily Cassidy didn’t get the happy childhood every kid deserves. At the age of three she was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor behind her eye and had to travel to USA and go through a grueling course of chemo and proton beam therapy. However, when they returned there was a ray of sunshine and a glimpse of a smile on Emily’s face thanks to her neighbors. The community came through and donated more than £60,000 and did a complete house makeover. The reaction of the little fighter and her mom is enough to make grown man tear up. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
It’s a cliché when they say it’s a small world but it really is true. You know how there’s a belief that any two random people in the world have no more than 6 degrees of separation, but what are the odds of an international superstar like Adele who performed in a foreign country running into a person who’s only 1 degree of separation. She was just chatting with the audience during her concert in Amsterdam, when she invited two girls on stage. They introduced themselves and then the singer came to a stunning realization. This is unbelievable and I [More]
Teaching you kid to respect and take care of animals is the least you can to send them on their way of becoming good human beings. This photo of an exhausted young boy and his bovine friend taking a nap together at Iowa State Fair went viral recently and the story behind it is more heartwarming than you can imagine. The boy, Mitchell Miner was preparing his dairy cow Audri for the show for weeks, and on the day of the show he woke up at 3AM to get her ready. In the end he and Audri finished fifth, but [More]
Good looking, snazzy dressers and talented singers… I’m not sure if you can add “good dancers” to the list but no one can argue that Straight No Chaser have an awesome sense of humor. While they performed in Santa Fe, NM back in 2010 they announced they would perform a song they choreographed themselves. I don’t know what I expected but this was definitely not it, LOL. As you’d expect from them, the singing was perfect, but when you think about it, the little dance they invented goes perfectly with their choice of song. This looks like so much fun. [More]
Babies aren’t that hard to take care of, and to have a happy, healthy and smiling baby all it takes is a little bit of love. There’s no video that it is more obvious than this one. The proud dad, making sure he was whispering so he wouldn’t wake up his sleeping son, showed what power those three words can have. He gently said “I love you” and the baby’s reaction had all of our hearts melting. Oh my goodness, how much cuter can you get. Even if you never wanted to have a kid, this will make you wanna [More]
There are moments in everyone’s life when you just know you’ll remember them for the rest of your life. They can happen unexpectedly and last for mere second, but they can leave you breathless. Take this lady for example… She and her friends just wanted to have some fun paddle boarding, but what she captured doing that blew everyone’s minds. Out of the blue an Orca pod appeared from beneath them and playfully danced around them. You can see by the excitement in the woman’s voice this is not something you see every day. They’re so lucky to have witnessed [More]
Having the angelic voice or the ability to carry a tune is not exactly a prerequisite for any of the jobs Mike Rowe tried himself at on his show Dirty Jobs. In fact most of them are so filthy it’s better to not open your mouth at all, but it turns out Mike Rowe has a talent other than cleaning septic tanks or swimming in the sewers. Couple of months ago he joined Forefront barbershop quartet on stage and performed with them in front of the audience and you will be stunned but how it all sounded. Take a look. [More]