Never in my life have I seen a video that makes me wanna smile and cry at the same time, to jump with joy and hug a person next to me. This young couple and their love for each other and their baby made me feel the same way every parent should feel like. This video is many things. It’s a testament to how we take some things for granted. A messy home isn’t something most people want, but if you can’t have a baby it’s the only thing you hope for. It also shows that no matter the circumstances, [More]
When Kechi was 16 years old, she was one of only two survivors of a tragic plane crash. It’s a moment that changed her life completely, and it changed it in two ways. It scarred her skin so much she wasn’t able to recognize herself in a mirror, but as she was laying there in hospital bed, she rediscovered her passion for music. It’s a good thing the accident didn’t affect her voice because if it did, we wouldn’t be able to witness this amazing audition on America’s Got Talent. Kechi is a remarkable singer and an inspiration to us [More]
This guy puts a whole new meaning to a phrase “becoming a celebrity overnight”. In the middle of the night his wife heard him laughing, but to her surprise when she leaned over to see what he was laughing about, he was still sleeping. It goes without saying that the world couldn’t get enough of his night-time giggling. I loved this video of babies doing the same and I thought laughing in their sleep is babies’ thing exclusively, but apparently there’s this dude as well. I don’t know what he’s dreaming about, but it’s so mesmerizing I can’t stop watching [More]
Every baby is special in its own way but one set of twins from Vietnam is so remarkable there are only about 10 pairs of such twins on Earth. No one suspected they were any different when they were born, but as they started to grow the family noticed they looked very different. One twin had thick and wavy hair while the other one had thin and straight. They feared it might have been a mix-up in the hospital so they did a DNA test. They found that mom’s DNA was a match for both twins but it’s when they [More]
Cockatoo may be loud and funny and smart, but did you know they also have an excellent taste in music? Well at least one of these two birds does and when his jam comes on, there’s nothing that can stop him. Their human was practicing his guitar but when he started playing an Elvis song, keep an eye to the cockatoo on the right. He may have a good taste in music, but you can’t say the same about his awareness for other cockatoo’s personal space, LOL. This looks pretty much like every party I’ve ever been to. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
When Luc Besson, the director of the cult classic “The Fifth Element” was in need of a musical piece worthy of the fictional intergalactic diva Plavalaguna he had to create something never heard before and impossible for a human to sing. With the help of computers and world class singers he made this song and it became the centerpiece of the entire movie. One thing he did wrong though… The song was possible for a human to sing, but only by one human in the world apparently. The first part of the song is beautiful, but relatively conventional. Make sure you [More]
There are people around you who deserve all the best and it’s such a nice thing from this guy to recognize one of those people. Debi, who works as a cashier is always super nice to everyone that goes well beyond the polite “hello”. However, recently this guy noticed that she was doing double shifts trying to get out of financial struggles while still maintaining that beautiful smile on her face. So he decided to help her out. He went in and bought a card for “his girlfriend”, but watch the look an Debi’s face when she opens it and [More]
If this guy didn’t get a heart attack when he saw Police lights behind him, he was pretty close to having one when he realized why they had pulled him over. The Police scare was done pretty fast when he realized he was friends with the Officer who pulled him over, but it took some time to clear the confusion over why he did it. The cop told him he had an unfastened child in the car, but when he looked in the back seat, it was empty. But then he looked at the passenger seat. Yep, that’s an emotional [More]
It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we get to see two of the world’s friendliest animals in a video this sweet. When you have dogs and horses around, things like this just happen. Herbie the Pit Bull was just hanging out in the horse stables when one of the residents, Jabby, bowed down for a hug. Being as playful as Pit Bulls are, Herbie gladly accepted and internet’s new favorite duo was born. As much as I love both of these cuties it’s the music that accompanies this video that makes it so awesome. I love everything about [More]
For centuries we have built the world we live in riddled with obstacles. You may not see it, but spend a day in a wheelchair and it will become painfully obvious. Every little step is like a mountain. Since the introduction of the Equality Act many buildings have struggled to make sure their wheelchair accessible. Installing ramps is often impossible for various reasons, but fortunately there’s more elegant solution, fitting for a world of technology we live in. At first these look like ordinary stairs, blending with the façade, but watch what happens when you press the button. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]