Burglars must have thought this fragile old granny was gonna be an easy target when they broke into her home. It turned out they were the lucky ones to get out of there alive. What the thieves didn’t know is that this granny never gets too far away from her .38 caliber pistol, and she was not keeping it just for show. When they pointed a gun at her she started firing at such rate they had no other choice but to run for their lives. A few bullet holes in the walls and the viral story are going to [More]
Mark and Beth Hadden always wanted to expend their family of for but were told by the doctors they wouldn’t be able to conceive again. Optimistic and motivated as ever, they waited for a sign. On a chill November day, Mark who works as a firefighter received a seemingly regular 911 call. He and his crew responded and it turned out it was all but ordinary call. A woman was having a baby and with no time to get to the hospital, it was Mark who had to deliver. Soon after, he called his wife with the most incredible turn [More]
This little girl’s reaction is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. Zoe was asked to go to the airport and pick up a friend who needed a ride. Most of that statement was true, only it wasn’t a friend they were picking up, but her old brother who she hadn’t seen for 3 years. Three years is a long time for anyone, let alone a girl this young, but the memories they made together, they never fade. Pay attention to her face when she realizes who they’re picking up. We’ve shared a lot of homecomings. But this, this [More]
It’s a good thing Uzeyer doesn’t speak English too well because otherwise I can only imagine the conversation between him and Simon… Simon: “What’s your talent?” Uzeyer: “I climb ladders really well” Simon: “NEXT!!!” I say it’s a good thing because it turns out this Charlie Chaplin lookalike is actually INCREDIBLE. He managed to turn something as trivial as climbing a ladder into an acrobatic art form while simultaneously demoting Nick Cannon to his butler, LOL. Pick anyone from a crowd of 100 and the chances are they can sing decently. I guarantee they can NOT do this. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
This little girl is Kaylee Rogers. Since early age she was diagnosed with ADHD and autism and because of that she attends Killard House, a special needs school. Fortunately, what she lacks in learning capabilities she makes up with singing talent. When her school’s choir decided to make a special Christmas performance, they put Kaylee as their soloist and she nailed it. This is Kaylee Rogers, not an autistic girl but an amazing singer, performing late Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah accompanied by the Killard House Special School choir. It will blow you away. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
I must have watched this video 100 times and I cried every single time. This is not a sad video, mind you, it’s beautiful, it’s heart-warming and the face of this little boy as he interacts with Disney’s Snow White is just adorable. The two-year old is Jack Jack, and in November his parents took him to Disney World. Because Jack Jack has autism and is non-verbal his encounter with other Disney characters didn’t go so well, but when he met Snow White, he was smitten. This is the reason people call this the happiest place on Earth. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Families of our troops make as big of a sacrifice as the troops themselves, but that makes moments like this that much more special. It was Veteran’s Day and 8th grade student Haley Web was asked to introduce a homecoming of a very special person. She was given his bio and as she was reading it in front of the whole school, she started piecing together who she was reading about. To the right of her, her dad who’s been deployed to Korea for 2 years couldn’t wait any longer to wrap his arms around her. I cried watching this… [More]
If you’re talented you can get discovered any time anywhere, and for Greyson Chance that moment was when he decided to play Lady Gaga’s hit Paparazzi at his school recital. The rest, what they say, is history. The girls in the back were fainting, the crowd didn’t know what hit them and the video of what was supposed to be a humble school performance went viral. In the months after his breakthrough, the talented singer, songwriter and pianist was signed by none other than THE Ellen DeGeneres and it’s the matter of time he becomes a household name. Until then, [More]
Imagine you’re a baby and you’re parents (who you’d never expect to betray you like this) offer you this vividly green, interesting looking food. If it looks this spectacular, just imagine how incredible it tastes. And then you take a bite. This little girl’s reaction to broccoli is what it feels like having your little expectations of a delicious meal crushed to little pieces, lol. I just hope her parents didn’t try to make it up to her buy giving her spinach. Oh, she’ll remember this, she’ll remember this well and you better watch out when she hits puberty. It’s [More]
If you’ve ever had a flat tire while riding a bike you know what a pain in the bum it is having to push your bike for miles. No one hates flat tires more than these guys though, who own a bike repair shop and have changed more flats than they’d like to remember. Therefore, they searched for an alternative. Believe it or not, not only are there bike tires out there that are impossible to go flat, there are even different brands to choose from. Sure they are time savers and all, but I just can’t get over the [More]