You park your car like this – you get what you deserve. Everyone knows that parking your car in front of a fire hydrant is a huge safety risk, but somehow some people ignore it on account that the chances of a big fire in the immediate vicinity is pretty slim. However, in this case it did happen. Fortunately the only victims were the windows of this car. Even though these images went viral on social media recently, this practice has been done since forever. Apparently, as long as there are cars, there will be this kind of drivers, and [More]
2016 continues to take musical geniuses from us. After David Bowie and Prince who passed away earlier this year, recently another legend left us too soon, the one and only Leonard Cohen. As the world mourns the death of a talented artist we can’t help but share a special live performance of a song that became more than just music. It became a beacon of hope to millions of people. This is Hallelujah, performed (and written) by the velvety voice of Mr. Cohen. Many artists tried to cover this song, but none of them can even come close to this. [More]
Usually when we share talent show auditions it’s because we’re surprised by how a contestant overcomes stage fright to deliver a magnificent performer. This girl? She has no idea what stage fright is. It takes one look to realize that Ksenia Parkhatskaya who competed on the Ukrainian version of So You Think You Can Dance was born to perform. Beautiful, entertaining and full of energy, when she gets it a room you can’t take your eyes off of her. I had no doubt that her dance would be incredible, but she still managed to wow everyone. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
Every life matters, especially after natural disasters when many people have to save their own lives and leave many animals behind. These guys were doing a sweep of their flooded town to check if there’s anyone that needs rescuing, and indeed they did find someone, not a person but a stranded donkey. What you’ll see below is a raw footage of the rescue that resulted with a photo that’s now going viral – a donkey so happy he got rescued he can’t stop smiling. Pay attention to the top of the screen and you’ll see him up to his knees [More]
Sometime life is hard, but sometimes it gives you an adorable ducky to follow you around and you just gotta feel good. This video was uploaded to YouTube 6 years ago and it’s still echoing around the Internet making people happy. One look and you’ll see why. This little floof is Charley. Charley is growing up without mom, but that’s okay because he has an awesome human dad who takes him on regular walks and seeing his cute waddle will make your day, that’s a promise. Now where do I get one of these? goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
Most American households have that one kitchen cabinet so full of canned goods you don’t even know what’s back there. Reaching back is such a hassle you end up pulling everything out just so you can put it back again. This lady discovered a hack that can make your cabinet into sort of a can dispensary, you take one out the other takes its place and it’s so easy to make anyone can do it. One added benefit to this design is that it’s perfect for short people. No more getting a stool in order to reach back. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Live television – giving people their 15 minutes of fame since 1950s. No one even remembers what this Australian reporter was reporting about, but everyone noticed this girl who video bombed his broadcast and stole the show. A girl with Down syndrome noticed the camera was rolling and decided to take the best out of the situation by making a hilarious live TV debut. She even got to speak into the microphone and say Hi to her mom and dad. So adorable. I sure hope her parents were watching. If not, they won’t miss this video. It’s going viral. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
96 year old Lena Pierce is a mom, grandmother and great-grandmother, however one member of her family she was separated from back in 1933 but she never forgot her. When she was only 14 years old, Lena gave birth to a baby girl named Eva May. Unfortunately the government decided she was too young to have a baby, took her away from her and the two girls grew up and grew old looking for each other. The breakthrough came when a member of Eva May’s family revealed what her birth name was, and now 82 year old woman closed in [More]
This 7 year old model is getting famous as we speak, not so much for her amazing photos, but because she’s becoming an advocate for all children born with Down syndrome. Born in Ukraine and abandoned shortly after birth, Sofia has been adopted when she was 1 and since then she’s been breaking stereotypes by acting and modeling. Recently her mom shared a video of her answering questions about what it’s like living with Down syndrome and everyone’s talking about it. When asked if it’s scary and difficult, Sofia comes up with perfect answers. Watch the video below. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Last month the world has seen the birth of the next music superstar. At his concert in Edmonton, AB Keith Urban picked Hailey Benedict and her sister Makenna out of the crowd and gave them a taste of what being a performing artist looks like first hand. He put a guitar in Hailey’s hands and gave her a microphone. What happened next no one saw coming. Hailey turned out to be an extremely talented singer/songwriter. To prove what a class act guy he is, not only did he give her this amazing opportunity but also gave her a shout out on his [More]