Last month the world has seen the birth of the next music superstar. At his concert in Edmonton, AB Keith Urban picked Hailey Benedict and her sister Makenna out of the crowd and gave them a taste of what being a performing artist looks like first hand. He put a guitar in Hailey’s hands and gave her a microphone. What happened next no one saw coming. Hailey turned out to be an extremely talented singer/songwriter. To prove what a class act guy he is, not only did he give her this amazing opportunity but also gave her a shout out on his [More]
A few years ago Bryant Collins was serving time in jail for manufacturing cocaine. While in prison he made a vow to change his life for good. He found a job and became a productive member of his community and now he’s done the complete 180 turning from a convict to a hero. He was driving on a highway when he saw something moving by the side of the road. A baby somehow crawled through the woods from her home 300 yards away. Had he been couple of seconds late, I can’t imagine what would happen to this beautiful girl. [More]
No matter how old you are and what your music taste is, I’m sure you know this song. It’s one of the songs that defined Dolly Parton’s career and transcended genres. It’s been covered by numerous artists from The White Stripes to Parton’s goddaughter Miley Cyrus, but you’ve never heard it like this. Dolly Parton teamed up with Pentatonix to deliver the perfect blend of old school and new school, original artist vs newcomers, country vs acapella. Of course, I’m talking about the timeless hit “Jolene” and you will love this, it’s a promise. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube [More]
Having a job as a Police officer means having your life on the line every single day. Young Lesley Zerebny and seasoned veteran Jose ‘Gil’ Vega, who had 35 years of experience under his belt knew it only too well but continued to push forward keeping their community safe. 27 year old Zerebny just recently returned to the Force after maternity leave, but unfortunately this day she wasn’t able to return home to her 4 month old baby. She and her partner were answering a domestic disturbance call when they were gunned down. May they rest in peace and God [More]
You think YOUR job stinks? Meet Jimmie Cox, a plumber whose photo went viral after a home owner took a picture of him diving head first into the murky water to fix the broken pipe. It became a global symbol of the American working man and got him a phone call with Mr. Dirty Jobs himself, Mike Row. Furthermore, a jeans company was so impressed by the man’s will to go above and beyond the call of duty that it sent a year’s supply of jeans. And Jimmie? Well he’s just surprised so many people all around the world were [More]
Stealing UPS or FedEx packages from someone’s porch seems almost too easy. They’re right there and you know the intended recipients are not home. Internet prankster Tom Mabe got sick of having his packages stolen so he set up a smelly surprise for the thief. He set up a booby-trap that involved a box, explosives and poop and set up a hidden camera so he could see the thief’s expression. Just when they thought they wouldn’t show up, a car parked in front of Tom’s house and this dude took the bait. I think he’ll think twice before trying this [More]
When five year old Jocelyn Rojas was kidnapped while she was playing in her front yard, her family was terrified she would become another statistics. Fortunately, two teen heroes happened to be in the right place at the right time, they saw the kidnapper and got in pursuit of his car… on their bicycles. 15 year old Temar Boggs and his friend chased the man for 15 heart-pounding minutes, before he let the little girl out and drove away. The boys returned Jocelyn to her family and gave the Police the alleged kidnapper’s description. They were hailed as heroes in [More]
This is what being able to see 20/20 for the first time feels like? When this baby girl was about 2 months old her parents started noticing she couldn’t see them. Her eyes were wandering and she wasn’t able to track. They took her to the ophthalmologist and they prescribed her these cute baby glasses. This is her reaction when she put them on for the first time. Being able to put a face on the loving voice and gentle caresses of her mom, being able to see her smile for the first time – that’s priceless… and oh so [More]
With drones being so accessible nowadays, putting up your last year’s Halloween decoration is so boring. That Dracula costume you got in the basement isn’t going to scare anyone any more. If you really want to scare someone, do what this guy did – chase trick-or-treaters with remote controlled flying skeleton. That’ll make ‘em burn those sugar calories, lol. This thing looks scary in broad daylight on a sunny day. Just imagine how crazy it could look in the dark, on Halloween, with some spooky glowing paint on it. Now excuse me, I’ve got some drone flying practicing to do. [More]
How do you tell a deaf couple they’ll become grandparents for the first time? Like this. Well, this girl thought that framed sonogram photos would be enough of a clue, but for someone who never saw one it looked nothing like their unborn grandchild. Granddad was clueless, but keep an eye on the grandma-to-be as she slowly figured it out. The overwhelming excitement and the fact that they will never be able to hear their grandchild’s laughter is what made me so emotional about this reveal. I just know they’ll be the most amazing grandparents. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]