Before they can see their mom’s face and before they’re even born, babies form a bond with their mothers through the sense of hearing. However that’s one aspect of the world baby Charly wasn’t able to enjoy to the fullest. Pretty soon after she was born the doctors diagnosed a hearing impairment and recommended a hearing aid. I don’t think anyone expected Charly’s reaction when they turned it on for the first time. When she heard her mom’s voice for the first time the baby was overflowed with the new experience and the emotions she never felt before. Oh my [More]
You gotta give it to the Rock, behind his tough guy attitude and that seductive eyebrow thing is a wholesome guy who not long ago did the most amazing thing while he was on Jimmy Fallon’s. He announced that he wanted to pay respect to all men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and surprise one particular army vet who was in the studio. Everyone expected he’d pick someone from the audience but he went backstage to surprise one of the producers. And even though I assume she was thrilled to meet the Rock,the real surprise was right behind [More]
Unlike The Voice, the X-Factor judges take much more than just the contestant’s vocal capabilities into consideration. Usually it’s just a little remark they mention during their conversation but in the case of young Samantha, Simon had to take drastic measures. The 17 year old created a look for herself that she probably felt resembled the look of pop stars, but it just made her distant and unrelatable, as if she was wearing a mask. So the judges forced her to take it all off and try again and the result is breathtaking. Not only could you see how gorgeous [More]
Ever wondered what makes some animals pets, and some food? Here’s one animal that blurs that line and will make you think twice the next time you order KFC. Camus the chicken was rescued some time ago and brought to this animal sanctuary. In many ways he’s just like any other farm animal, but something makes him very unique. Even though he not a fan of most people, Camus is absolutely in love with one man – the guy who rescued him. Their daily routine is so adorable it makes me want to have a pet chicken. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
James Patrick received the most unforgettable present for his 49th birthday. After having 2 sisters, 4 daughters and 2 granddaughters he was about to meet a new member of the family, granddaughter #3. As he was admiring the adorable bundle of joy with the rest of the family, the proud momma revealed the little outfit she ordered for the baby… and it was not a pink bodysuit he expected. I think he knew exactly what was going on but he had to wait for his daughter to confirm. I don’t know why but his reaction made me smile ear to [More]
Introducing animals into the wild is more difficult than just letting them loose in the jungle. You would think that introducing the baby tigers with the adults was the matter of putting them in the same room together, but these cubs were probably as scared of these gorgeous but intimidating predators as most humans. First the care-takers had to make sure everyone get accustomed to the smell of other tigers and then carefully observe the behavior of the adults for the signs of aggressive behavior. Those tiger chuffs are the sign these youngsters are going to be just fine. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
I’ve never for a second doubted the beauty of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, but listening to these girls perform it on Russian version of “The Voice” in 3 different languages I found a new appreciation for the classic. Russian, English, Arabic, each of these languages adds something unique to everyone’s favorite tune and it’s like listening to 3 different songs but the underlying emotion of the original keeps shining through. I’m literally obsessed with this video, I keep playing it over and over again and there’s no way I can describe how it sounds, you just have to hear it for [More]
Here’s what you get when a 2-year old has an attitude of a teenager. Oh my goodness, how much cuter can you get. This princess was understandably upset when her mom signed her up for pre-school instead of law school. Can you imagine someone with this kind of maturity mingling with someone who has to be reminded not to pee on their friends? That’s certainly the sort of thing that could have easily been avoided had she been enrolled into law school to begin with. But she survived and she’s going to tell you everything about it in the cutest [More]
Just when you think there’s no hope for the world you see something like this and it immediately restores your faith in humanity. Everyone deserves at least these tiny bits of compassion and kindness. This lady came to the court to face the judge over an unpaid parking ticket that has since tripled. Kindly, she explained why she got the ticket and was ready to accept whatever fine the judge had in store for her, but then he did something that made him one of my favorite persons on the Internet. Ever since we shared this video of him, this [More]
A veteran who survived the battle of Dunkirk was moved to tears after the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s new film. Ken Sturdy, a 97-year-old Welsh national who currently lives in Calgary, Canada, was seen at the premiere sporting a jacket adorned with medals, where he watched the World War II drama accounting the events he lived through almost 80 years ago.  He was 20-years-old when he worked with the Royal Navy to rescue stranded soldiers surrounded by the German army. His reaction speaks for itself. Watch it below. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var tag = document.createElement(‘script’); tag.src [More]