It’s December, so when you see Mariah Carey you can safely assume she’s about to sing her classic “All I Want for Christmas is You”. This, however, is not your run of the mill performance because even though she was carpooling with James Corden, I can promise you it wasn’t her who did most of the singing. I guess karaoke wasn’t her thing. Oh no, this song is so imprinted into our pop culture everyone knows it by heart, so the popular talk show host didn’t have any  trouble finding a duet partner to sing with. You have to see [More]
Watch out Santa, this little genius is onto you… Mila knows there’s something fishy about the whole Santa story and she’s presenting her observations in the most adorable way. First off, isn’t it a bit creepy for an old dude to know when she’s sleeping and when she’s awake? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Still, with the Christmas coming, she’s got no one else to trust to bring her presents so she’s prepared to play along. We just want to let that dude at the mall to know… Mila’s on to you. You can’t manipulate this cutie. [More]
It may still be a decade or so before this girl’s dad should start worrying about boys, but he figured he should start with the talk early so the lessons really stick, LOL. I can understand why dads feel like this about their baby girls, however it’s the baby’s reaction that got me laughing out loud. She was so amused by THE talk, she couldn’t stop giggling. Is it because she understood what he was talking about or it was her way of saying “Dad, no one will ever come before you” I don’t know. All I can say is [More]
Whether the future parents have a preference about the gender of the baby or not, they are usually considerate enough not to show it. “The important thing is that it’s a healthy, happy bundle of joy”, they would say, regardless of whether it’s a boy or a girl. Kids however, they don’t have that kind of filter. They’ll say it like they mean it, LOL. Daisy here is so excited she will get a baby sibling to play with, but watch what happens when the gender reveal doesn’t really match her expectations. This is so, so adorable. I’m sure that [More]
If the robots ever overtake the Earth I nominate this girl to represent the humanity. Rayna saw a water heater and not surprisingly, she thought it was a robot. However, it’s what she did next that melted hearts of millions of people. The friendly toddler said “Hi” to the wobot and gave it a hug just so he could feel welcome on our fairly wobotless planet. If the water heater robots ever become the dominant species on Earth, all I expect from them is to return the favor. Seriously though, this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
A few weeks ago a drone photographer Douglas Thron took his equipment to parts of California devastated by recent wildfires. Amidst the bone chilling scenery that looks like a ground zero of a nuclear bomb detonation he saw a glimmer of hope – a lone postal truck, still making rounds, delivering mail just like any other day. The crew of Inside Edition found a man who’s being dubbed the Most Dedicated Mailman Ever. His name is Trevor Smith and in the video below he explained why he continues to deliver mail to the area in which mailboxes seem to be [More]
With 420 square feet, this Soho apartment isn’t the smallest we featured, but it definitely feels the largest. The trick as always is making ingenious solutions to space issues. This guy managed to squeeze 6 rooms into his tiny flat, but instead of having them one next to another as it’s the case in traditional living spaces, his rooms overlap into one another so you can never see more than one. When you think about it, you don’t use your bedroom during the day nor your office when you sleep, so it’s a waste of space. This way you can [More]
Before they can see their mom’s face and before they’re even born, babies form a bond with their mothers through the sense of hearing. However that’s one aspect of the world baby Charly wasn’t able to enjoy to the fullest. Pretty soon after she was born the doctors diagnosed a hearing impairment and recommended a hearing aid. I don’t think anyone expected Charly’s reaction when they turned it on for the first time. When she heard her mom’s voice for the first time the baby was overflowed with the new experience and the emotions she never felt before. Oh my [More]
You gotta give it to the Rock, behind his tough guy attitude and that seductive eyebrow thing is a wholesome guy who not long ago did the most amazing thing while he was on Jimmy Fallon’s. He announced that he wanted to pay respect to all men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and surprise one particular army vet who was in the studio. Everyone expected he’d pick someone from the audience but he went backstage to surprise one of the producers. And even though I assume she was thrilled to meet the Rock,the real surprise was right behind [More]
Unlike The Voice, the X-Factor judges take much more than just the contestant’s vocal capabilities into consideration. Usually it’s just a little remark they mention during their conversation but in the case of young Samantha, Simon had to take drastic measures. The 17 year old created a look for herself that she probably felt resembled the look of pop stars, but it just made her distant and unrelatable, as if she was wearing a mask. So the judges forced her to take it all off and try again and the result is breathtaking. Not only could you see how gorgeous [More]