When Lauren Hernandez gathered her friends and family for a graduation party no one even suspected it would end up with one man overwhelmed with emotions… and it had nothing to do with her graduation. The man is Joe Iosco, Loren’s mom’s boyfriend of 17 years and a man who’s been involved in every aspect of her life since she was 1. In a box he found a framed poem she wrote, but something far more valuable was lying beneath it – the adoption papers that would legally make Lauren his daughter. His reaction was so genuine it made me [More]
We all have a teacher who made an impact on our lives in one way or another but Gage Donner will always remember his science teacher not only for her lectures but because if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be alive today. The incident happened in Hallsville, Missouri when during her class Betsy Berry heard strange noises coming from the hallway. At first she thought nothing of it, but then she saw Gage walking by the door of her classroom when she noticed his face was turning purple. Her reaction was caught on school’s security cameras and for it [More]
It makes me sick to think that Laura the piggy could have ended up being someone’s dinner. She found a loving home after a group of activists rescued her from an industrial pig farm and saved this adorable cutie from being slaughtered. Now, adjusting to a new way of life would probably take a while if it weren’t for her new best friend, a tiny kitten who showed Laura that living with humans can have its perks. The two have been inseparable since her arrival, but it’s their long binges of cuddling that made them internet stars. Certifiably adorable. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
There’s no greater gift you can give to a friend but giving them a piece of you, in this case literally. For years now, this dude was on a waiting list for a new kidney and so far there were no matches. Unknown to him, his best buddy went on and got himself tested and when the results came out it turned out he was a match. All that was left to do is let his friend know his life was going to change completely and there’s no better way of breaking that news than THIS. Would YOU do something [More]
I love, love, LOVE this kid.  Just the thing you need after a long day. It’s impossible to watch this video without a huge smile on your face. I’m sure this music class teacher had no idea she was about to film a video that’s going to make millions of people smile when she pressed that “Record” button, but this little boy in blue shirt is just adorable. Just watch his reaction when the music stops. OMG, he’s going to go through life having a blast if he’s always happy like this. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create youtube player var [More]
Serving your country in Iraq and Afghanistan and defending your home doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you have a home to return to. Unfortunately for this serviceman, while he was deployed, his father lost his job and soon after lost his home to foreclosure. However when the house got back on the market, one buyer made an offer the seller just couldn’t refuse. If you ever need a reminder about what loving your family is all about, watch this inspiring video. I hope this hardworking family will get to make plenty more memories in their little pink house. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]
It only seems fitting to fight pain with beauty, so after her last chemotherapy treatment Alissa got a present she and her fellow patients would never forget. Days before her last chemo, Alissa’s husband set up what he thought was a small and secret campaign where her friends and family would buy roses for her from a local flower shop. Each rose was bought for $10 with all of the proceeds being donated towards breast cancer research. However, when the time came for the flower shop to deliver the flowers, they kept coming and coming and coming. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Adele’s music reimagined in Reggae? I was sure there was no way that could ever work, but this AWESOME cover by a young girl from Solomon Islands proved me wrong. Heck, I think Adele herself would love this. When Rosie Delmah began singing “Hello” I didn’t even think it was that different from the original to even be called a Reggae cover, but when that beat started after the first verse… OMG, I was stunned. It’s as if this is the way this song was meant to be performed in the first place. Each end every one of those 35 [More]
Being diagnosed with cancer is the worst thing that can happen to a woman only 3 weeks after her engagement, but when Kim found out her mom also had cancer it was almost unbearable. Still these two Ellen fans kept fighting. When Ellen invited them on her show they came bearing some good news, but in the end it was the funny girl who had an announcement of her own. When she learned that after all the delays Kim is finally going to get married she decided to give her a few gifts, something old, something new, something borrowed (and [More]
When PETA found little Sebastian, he had no shelter, no food and no water, but that doesn’t even begin to describe the hell this miniature horse must have been through. Eye infection, leg injury and head injury due to blunt force trauma are just some wounds he had to heal. Sebastian has met the worst of human race, but fortunately soon after he met the best of human race. This is the story of how little bit of love and affection helped one defenseless animal overcome his fear of people and heal his injuries. Seeing how Sebastian looks today will [More]