Music is indeed all around us, but I never thought a gorgeous piece of music could be found in a cross-section of a tree trunk. Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck designed and built a record player that “reads” the texture and color variations of tree rings and interprets them as music. Because every tree has its own configuration of rings, every tree has its own song. By doing this, Traubeck has essentially created the infinite library of records. You must love the time we live in. If you think Nature would sound like crackling and random noises, think again. This is actually [More]
If you were given a chance to figure skate in the inaccessible mountains of British Columbia, you just don’t say NO. Even though this girl is not a professional figure skater, she took the chance and it made her an Internet sensation. I took a short helicopter ride to reach this frozen lake at the top of the mountain, but when she was dropped off, it was only her, a pair of skates and the surreal beauty of the landscape. She let go and started dancing. Whatever you do, do NOT miss the ending shot. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
Have you seen anything as adorable as a handful of tiny kittens? But one of these little fur balls is not like the others. When Bubbles the baby rabbit was only a week old, sadly, her mom died and the little one was left all alone in this world. Fortunately though, Snaggle Puss the cat just got a bunch of babies of her own so their owners decided to see if she was willing to adopt Bubbles as well. When you see how gently she took the tiny orphan bunny to her new brothers and sisters, your heart will melt. [More]
I feel bad for laughing but this is too hilarious. Oh dear, I think this is “Don’t touch daddy’s stuff” lesson this kid will never forget, and even if he does he’ll have this 2 million-views YouTube video to remind him. I have no idea what hair style this boy was aiming for but I bet you this “business up front, party in the back” isn’t it. He worked extensively on the front and probably couldn’t reach the back. But you gotta give it to the little one, for a kid his age he’s done an amazing job. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
When this elderly couple from London went to the movies to see a little indie film, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw who’s staring in it. Not only did the girl in the film look familiar, the whole film was made just for them. Since the expansion of air travel the world has become a much smaller place, but still, when your entire family lives on the opposite side of the globe, little surprises like this go a long way. As if that wasn’t enough of a shock for them, Tourism Australia and British Airways did something to [More]
Have you ever seen a case of child neglect so horrible that just hearing about it brings tears to your eyes? This is a bitter-sweet story of Danielle Lierow and her adoptive parents who managed to give love to the 9-year old girl for the first time in her life. After raising 4 sons, the Lierows decided to welcome a girl into their lives. At the adoption event they went to there were dozens of children, but the couple were immediately drawn to one girl who wasn’t able to attend. After hearing her soul-crushing story, they had no doubt in [More]
When we say hologram technology you probably think very expensive hi-tech stuff, but what if I told you you could make your own hologram projector right now using stuff you have in your home? It’s not going to be life size Tupac at Coachella, but it’s more than enough to blow your mind. This guy uses a CD case to make a small pyramid that’s used to reflect light into its center, but you can use any kind of transparent plastic. Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be able to transform your smartphone into a gadget you only see [More]
Norway may be a world leader in many things, and now we can add “building roads that look like they might kill you” to that list. From a highway that looks as if it’s dipping into the Atlantic Ocean to a bridge over such violent waters that every time you cross it you get a car wash, Norway’s got them all. It looks like helluva place to take pictures though, but I wouldn’t want to be the guy who had to build these things, that’s for sure. Oh, yeah, let’s not forget this as well. You guessed it, it’s also [More]
When you hit 90 years of age, you shouldn’t have to deal with house repairs and legal stuff but unfortunately for Agnes, whose relatives have been using her property as a junk yard, she was facing hefty fines. With her house in dire need of repair and piles of trash in her front yard, dialing this number was her last hope. The following morning, volunteers from Operation Blessing knocked on her door and began one of the most amazing acts of kindness I’ve ever seen. Pay attention to that house in the beginning of this video, you won’t be able [More]
Hearing from a doctor that your child may never speak is probably one of the hardest things to cope with for any parent. This inspiring couple just kept pushing forward and raised their youngest son into a bright and happy little boy. Caiden proved his doctors wrong in so many ways but they were right in one thing, up until now he was only able to say a few random words. It was all about to change soon. The family was enjoying their time at Chick-fill-A and Caiden was more excited than usual, he kept moving his lips but there [More]