This little girl and her dad were just having some quality time together at the Copley Place mall in Boston when an escalator going down caught her attention and she though it would be fun to do this. Kids will be kids, but the most amazing thing about this is that almost every single person on that escalator played along with huge smiles on their faces. I know this little girl is going to grow up to be an amazing person because making people happy even for a few moments of the day is a gift. Her parents are lucky [More]
I would never recommend doing something like this in your back yard if you don’t know what you’re doing but what came out of that fish tank after this guy poured molten metal in it was SO FREAKING COOL. YouTuber known as the Backyard Scientist threw a whole bunch of these weird looking polymer balls into his tank and melted some aluminum cans in his homemade foundry (we’ve got tutorial on how to make those too). As he started pouring the metal I was afraid he’d be showered in broken glass but after the aluminum cooled down it turned into [More]
Whether you’re a Baby-boomer or a Millennial, there are some songs that transcend time and music tastes. Some of you may have danced to this when it came out and some of you may just have a deja-vu when you hear this, but after all these years Chubby Checker’s The Twist still has the power to make you wanna get out of your chair and get jiggy with it. So just for a second turn off your hip-hop and techno music and remember the time when the whole world was doing the Twist. Do you think any modern song will [More]
If someone asked you “Do you support our troops?” the answer would always be YES, but what if supporting our soldiers means more than a bumper sticker? What would you do if a veteran really needed your help? The crew of ABC’s WWYD decided to conduct an experiment and see if people really practice what they preach. They set up two actors in the supermarket at the cash register and filmed the reactions of ordinary Americans when the soldier in front of them in line can’t afford diapers for his baby. So much kindness makes me so proud of our [More]