Oh my goodness, there is a good reason this girl reacted this emotionally when she saw her brother. The last time she saw him he was being deployed to a military base in Italy. That was 3 years ago and as far as she knew he was still half a world away. However he returned home and instead of calling in, he decided to make it a surprise. As he made his way into his home the dog recognized him instantly but his sister Elizabeth was clueless her favorite person in the world is standing just a few feet away [More]
It’s been half a century since Simon and Garfunkel wrote their timeless hit “Sound of Silence”. That’s 50 years worth of covers, live performances, samples and memes, but once you hear this you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like the original. Yes, the decades sure show on their faces, and some even argue that this heavy metal version is the best one ever performed, but it takes only one verse to realize that this song, the original version of it, just doesn’t age. Even 50 years from now you can bet it will still sound fresh and new. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Those of you who’ve been to the Arlington National Cemetery know what a patriotic experience it is honoring thousands of unidentified servicemen and servicewomen who lost their lives for their country. Most of you do know, but then there’s this kind of people. During the changing of the guard ceremony, loud laughter could be heard in the crowd. Now, I always thought the guards were there just to do their trained routine and pay no attention to tourists, but watch what this soldier did when he heard people disrespecting the Tomb. There was no more laughing after this. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
Some of our regular visitors may remember the story we shared back in October about a Good Samaritan whose lightning fast reactions saved an old lady from being robbed. You can see the original story HERE. Well, the story reached Ellen DeGeneres and she had to meet the guy. The guy’s name is Kendrick Taylor and while he was on Ellen’s he talked about what made him react the way he did. Naturally, the funny show host had to do what she usually does and reward his bravery. I love her for setting the example that no good deed should [More]
Even though Taylor Kim appears to be healthier than most of us, everywhere she goes she must take her service dog Brynn. What this pup does is so amazing, training her required multiple samples of Taylor’s saliva, but now she can’t even count the number of times her dog saved her life. Taylor is living with type 1 Diabetes. It doesn’t just mean her blood sugar is high… at night it gets dangerously low. Before getting Brynn her mom had to do random blood sugar checks every single night, but now she sleeps tight because she knows Brynn keeps watch. [More]
There’s always one loud sibling in the family, am I right? While the rest of his brothers and sisters were trying to take a nap, this Husky pup decided it was the perfect moment to practice some howling. Truth be told, his efforts are so sweet and gentle all of the other pups slept right through them. They can sleep tight knowing that their brother is keeping a watchful eye, but something tells me once he gets stronger (and louder) they may have a thing or two to say about him interrupting their slumber, LOL. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
We can all agree Super Bowl is the greatest show on the planet and with all the fireworks and the half-time show and all the drama on the field, there’s one part of it that everyone needs to observe with silent respect. National Anthem at Super Bowl is arguable the toughest gig any musician can get. With hundreds of millions of eyes watching you and no music to cover your mistakes, even the veteran singers can feel the pressure. This year country star Luke Bryan was given the honor and he delivered the understated, yet one of the most powerful [More]
I’m not really an expert in gardening or farm work, but I don’t think this is supposed to happen. This guy was just doing some yard work when all of a sudden, as if he was a Disney princess, a wild baby robin approached him. At first I thought it was a domesticated bird but pay close attention. The little guy saw the human was exposing a lot of dirt and where’s dirt there’s bound to be a few delicious worms and bugs. He must have been so hungry he didn’t even care the big man was holding a big [More]
You know you have a genuine war hero in the house when it takes an announcer this long just to count his most notable achievements. In NBA tradition, New York Knicks honored U.S. Army veteran and Sergeant 1st Class Luciano Yulfo with a personalized jersey, but what this this man didn’t know that it was not the only gift he was receiving that evening. I’m sure that jersey means a lot, but the second gift received is going to mean so much more, I’m sure. He will be his friend, his companion, but most importantly he would be his help [More]
Coach Robby Gilbert has had a wonderful life, loving parents, beautiful wife and children and the job he loves, but one tiny little thing kept him from being completely happy. Robby was adopted when he was an infant and for 40 years he wanted to meet his biological mom. Following the death of his mother he finally got courage to start the search for a woman who as a teen mom made the most difficult decision of her life and put her firstborn son up for adoption. Their surprise reunion arranged by Gilbert’s wife will draw tears to your eyes. [More]