One of the brightest pearls in Dolly Parton’s long career has to be Jolene. Even decades after it was originally released it keeps getting discovered by new, young audiences and it still sounds as fresh as when it first came out. Recently this rendition of the song Ms. Parton did with Pentatonix went viral, but when they appeared on the Voice they were joined by Miley Cyrus. Miley went back to her country roots and gave her unique flair to the song. It’s just another layer of awesomeness that keeps pushing this song up on my list of all time [More]
Bikers have come a long way since Hell’s Angels it would seem. They may still be tough and dirty, tattoo covered bunch, but the message they send is completely different. We’ve shared articles about the Good Samaritan bikers before, a brotherhood of leather clad Harley lovers who help children in need, but this group took another approach. While B.A.C.A. protects children against abuse, these guys protect your soul… and they make you laugh while doing it. How would you feel if this gang dropped by at your place of work? Probably the same as this guy, LOL. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
The last time we shared Angry Grandpa here he had 1 million subscribers and his reaction after getting his own house melted our hearts. Now, only a year and a half later he has 3 million subscribers and just had another item crossed off his bucket list. Back when Angry Grandpa was just an Angry Teenager he had his first car, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air. Unfortunately he lost it soon after, after it broke down in California and they had to sell it. Now all those years later his boy and him took a walk at this parking lot [More]
While most of us spend our Christmas season decorating our homes and waiting for Santa to deliver the gifts, one 15 year old girl is fighting the biggest battle of her life. Cheyenne Hughes suffers from a rare genetic disorder which left a big tumor in her brain. The doctors wanted to operate as soon as possible and scheduled the surgery only days before Christmas. Knowing that the chances of her experiencing Christmas this year were low, Cheyenne’s family got in touch with Santa and arranged for him to make an exception and visit her a bit earlier this year. [More]
The year was 1987 when TV stations around the country started broadcasting this Christmas commercial. It may not have been the most popular one, but almost 30 years later and it’s still one of the most beautiful adverts I’ve ever seen. Any frame of it delivers nothing but Christmas spirit and joy. Snow, Christmas tree and of course Clydesdale horses make a picture perfect holiday card you can share with your loved ones. Through the magic of internet, younger generations are just discovering this video, and it’s no wonder it’s going viral decades after it was made. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
This is the power of helium. You have a beautiful woman such as Sofia Vergara, but one hit of helium and I can’t stop picturing Minions whenever she speaks. Having an interview while sucking helium is one of the funniest segments of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but I can’t remember laughing as much as when the beautiful actress did it. After she learned that inhaling it was in fact legal, she took a deep breath of helium and… well, listen to yourself. I can’t decide if she sounds more like a Minion or Donald Duck. She’s so funny [More]
Stop the search, we’ve found the world’s happiest dog. This is Brinks, a formerly homeless Pit Bull who’s been all smiles and giggles since the day he was rescued from the streets of New York 12 years ago. His owner Jon Bozak remembers that before he met Brinks he really didn’t want another dog, but seeing him sit in the front seat of his car and smiling at the people passing by, keeping him was the easiest decision he ever made. If you want to keep up with his adventures, you can follow him on Instagram. We think he’s simply [More]
Otis Johnson was incarcerated at the age of 25 for an attempted murder of a police officer. Now, 44 years later he’s a free man again, but the world he was released into looks nothing like the world he knew before he went to jail. It’s like he was locked in a time capsule and dug up by some alien civilization many decades later. Otis’s story and his commentary about the modern world are reminders of how fast things are changing, not only the technology, but the people as well. If sometimes you find yourself scared and confused by it [More]
The first impression of anyone who sees Matthew is that he is a newborn, but in reality he’s already 7 month old and has a huge fight ahead of him. While his mom was pregnant doctors noticed that the baby has stopped growing. When he was born Matthew tipped the scale at just over 1 lb. The reason for that is a condition we’re not even going to try to spell, but just because he’s little doesn’t mean he’s not a fighter. Matthew and his parents are currently traveling the country seeking treatment, but they remain positive he’ll have a [More]
“It’s OK to be you.” It was early December and when this boy went to meet Santa, he did it for one reason only. He wanted to make sure he was not on his “naughty list”. If you asked people who don’t know Landon, they would probably tell you he should be on Santa’s naughty list, but the reason for that is simple. Landon has autism. He was so worried that because of that he wouldn’t get presents so he came to Santa to explain. After listening to his story Santa’s response was just what you’d expect Santa to say. [More]