On several occasions we share stories about BACA. It stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse and they made their mission to help those who can’t defend themselves. But BACA is not the only community of guardian angels on motorcycles. When this boy and his mom became victims of hate crime, Manchester Motorcycle Club responded in the perfect way. The boy expected his mom to pick him up after school, but instead the whole school saw him ride away with a gang of big bikers. You mess with him, you mess with them all. If you like this, check out how [More]
It’s winter, and while some Debbie Downers will surely complain about cold and shoveling snow, it’s the last thing on these horses’ minds. Budweiser played with Clydesdale horses’ playful nature in this commercial from several years ago and it still is one of our favorite ads ever. It’s fun to watch and it teaches a valuable lesson… Don’t start a snowball fight with this particular horse if you don’t want to spend the rest of the day digging yourself out of the snow. Now if this isn’t holiday magic, I don’t know what is. Hilarious. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // create [More]
Christmas is more than just getting and giving presents… Christmas is being with your family, even if you do live hundreds of miles apart. Heathrow Airport decided to wish their passengers Happy Holidays with this adorable little video that will make you all feel that spirit the same way you did back when you were just a kid. It follows two Teddy Bears arriving to London and their trip from getting off the airplane to the exit gate, but as adorable as they are, it’s the end that will melt you. We just had to share this. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Standing up for the American flag is the least anyone can do to show how much they love this great country of ours. But does it mean that those who cannot stand on their own are less patriotic than the rest? Most definitely not. It’s been 7 years since 16 year old Arek Trenholm last stood on his own, but when this parade went through his town carrying the American flag, he did the best thing he could to honor it. The picture of him doing it is going viral and the country can’t stop talking about this kid. God [More]
This girl is a Disney fanatic, so when her boyfriend started making plans about the proposal, the location was pretty much set in stone. As amazing as popping the question in Cinderella’s front yard is, it kinda takes the surprise element away. Big trip to Disneyland, all the cameras, the girl probably saw it from the start. However, by the end of the day she had her mind blown, not because of WHERE her boyfriend proposed to her, but WHO was there to congratulate her. She just finished calling her mom on the phone to tell her about the big [More]
Some talents are noticeable very soon after the child is born and if this kiddo continues where he left off when he was only two months old he’s going to be fluent in at least 5 languages. Mom was just snapchatting with the family when she asked baby Christian to say “hello”. She expected noting but a giggle or a smile, but instead he responded in a way she did not expect. She shared the video on FB and it was viewed more than million times. Christian hasn’t said anything since and while some think that “hello” was just a [More]
When this waitress picked up a receipt and saw how much a customer tipped her she burst into tears. No, $36 tip, as generous as it is, is not a life changing amount, but it’s the story behind it that made her tear up. Claire Hudson has been a part of a heartbreaking tradition of a man who lost his brother. Every time on his brother’s birthday, he follows a routine in his memory and it’s so touching the restaurant’s considering adding a new item on the menu in his honor. I’m sure his brother would love this, may he [More]
It’s been almost 1000 days since Kirk Smalley’s 11 year old son killed himself after years of relentless bullying. A month after he died, Kirk made a promise to his boy that he would do his best to make sure no kid is ever bullied again and he’s been doing it ever since. He told Ty’s story more than 1000 times to anyone that would listen and is on the road 300 days a year raising awareness of this issue. Instead of shutting down, this heartbroken dad stands tall for Ty, letting the other bullied kids know they’re not alone. [More]
You hear about war heroes all the time, and each and every one of them deserves to be praised for what they did, but this is one of the rare stories that I had chills watching from the first second to the last. It’s about Khaled Farah, a Syrian volunteer rescue worker and one rescue he will never forget. After saving one family after bombing, mom was in tears because her 2 week old baby boy was missing under the rubble. Finding the baby was one challenge, but getting him out was a whole different story. The moment I saw [More]
To anyone who attended this wedding, the ceremony looked perfectly normal. The beautiful bride and the nervous groom were waiting for their cue to say their “I do”s when a boy no guest had seen before stood up and started singing. Soon the others followed. Before anyone could even try and understand what’s going on a group of musicians walked in and made the newlyweds’ wedding day truly unforgettable. Guests had no idea what was going on but they could all agree it was divine. Congratulations to Rick and Shannon, we hope your life together is as extraordinary as your [More]