I wondered why seemingly boring Thanksgiving video got so many views. It’s just this girl getting the stuffing out of their turkey, but at the 1 minute mark it turns into the most hilarious video I’ve ever seen. Boy, I hope this girl doesn’t pick a career in biology. She thought she got everything out, but then to her surprise she found out there’s a small turkey inside a big turkey. Her conclusion naturally was that they roasted a pregnant bird, lol. I can totally get why her family almost literally rolled on the floor laughing but I have to say I [More]
We’re not the only species that gets gushy around pregnant women and babies. This lady was visiting Colchester zoo when her big baby bump attracted attention of the resident orangutan. The large male came down only an inch from the woman’s round belly and gently caressed the glass separating the two. However, the most emotional moment comes later in the video so make sure you watch it all. As cute as most people think this is, I can’t help but feel sad for him, locked up in a strange place, with no tree canopy above him and no little ones [More]
It took 4 years for Daniel Evans to get enough courage to go on an audition for X Factor, but when he eventually did it, it was a bitter sweet moment for him. From the very beginning it was his wife who pushed him to chase his dream, but unfortunately a year ago she passed away after giving birth to their daughter. Now, he sings a song as a tribute to her and only the cold-hearted person won’t get emotional. Cheryl Cole’s reaction defines perfectly how I felt listening to this guy. God bless him and his family, we hope [More]
A person you’re genetically related you and a person you can call your dad is not always the same person. Damian’s father left him and his mother when he was only 2 and since then it was this amazing guy who took the role. He taught him to ride a bike, he was there every step of the way. Earlier this month, to show how much he means to him, Damian wrote a poem for his dad, but the real surprise is what followed afterwards. As soon as the teary eyed man finished reading the touching poem, his son gave [More]
Only a year ago Daniel Lyon was a single firefighter with good looks and bravery to match. However one horrific incident would make him find his true strength and help him find love. Daniel was one of the firefighters fighting a huge wildfire when their engine was blinded by the smoke and crashed. He was the only survivor, but 70% of his body was covered with burns. Since then, he’s come a long way in coming to terms with his new appearance and when he met girlfriend Megan, she saw him as a courageous and optimistic person he truly is. [More]
Bullying is tough on anyone, but some victims have it worse than the others. Austin and Elena are two best friends who happened to be born with rare Goldenhar syndrome. Because of the way their condition has affected their appearance they’ve been an easy target for the bullies in their schools. Well, today they decided to make their voices heard. These two brave teens have come together to record and share a powerful message of courage and overcoming through love and support. We take part in their fight by sharing this on our website. Join us by sharing on Facebook. [More]
Ever wondered what a love story of 8 years would look like condensed into 5 minutes of video? Casey Neistat is a YouTuber who gained more than 4 million followers thanks to his beautifully edited videos, but none of them got as much attention as this one. This is his and his wife’s love story, from their first date up until now, and it will remind you once again what being in love feels like. Of course, the first 8 years of their relationship is just the beginning. Keep watching till the end for the grand reveal of the next [More]
Who needs a guard dog when you can have this cat? Heck I think even most dogs would run away with their tails between their legs if they saw a big bear trying to get inside a house but what the kitty did is pretty impressive. This isn’t a trained guard cat, mind you, it’s just your average feline who either never saw a bear and thought they were just big fuzzy play pals or she’s the bravest cat in the world. I think the bear didn’t expect to see a cat either because he didn’t really seem to like [More]
Most mailmen don’t exactly have the best relationship with dogs. They get barked at and bitten probably more than anyone else, but that doesn’t go for this guy. Every day, no matter whether there’s a mail or not this New Zealand mailman stops by this house. And every day, one of the residents happily awaits him, always ready to give him a hug. You’d expect that a German Shepherd who’s been the cause of many neighbors’ complaints would be extra mean to the postman, but instead, it seems as the two have become best buddies. How kind it is from [More]
OMG, I’m not even a huge Gwen Stefani fan, but this made me cry. It’s not even about the music, it’s what kind of person you are and by doing this she proved she’s awesome. During one of her concerts she read a message from one of her fans confessing that he’s been a victim of bullying but it’s her music that always made him smile. I thought that was amazing gesture that brings attention to this terrible problem, but what she did next made this video go viral. She invited the boy on stage with her and gave him [More]