SIGUEME EN: Preguntame por: ¿Cómo sería la serie si hiciera caso a las peticiones más frecuentes de los fans?. Y me refiero a eso, meterlas todas de golpe. Pues aquí más o menos una idea. Pokémon belongs to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International. I do not claim ownership of the Pokémon intellectual property, and this series does not represent it in any way at all.
Ernie Jimenez used an unmodified K31 Swiss 7.5x55mm Swiss rifle to set the official Guiness World Record for longest open sight shot. He was aiming at a 36″ pink buffalo target 2240 yards away. For this incredible shot, Ernie used 190 grain Sierra Match King rounds firing at 2470 fps. It takes dozens of shots, but Ernie managed to strike the target four times. The post Shooter sets iron sight world record with 2240 yard shot appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Last week the internet exploded first with news about the Sig Sauer P320. First a police department in Texas was rumored to recall all P320s in service over. A weapons blog debunked this rumor only to quickly find egg on their face when Omaha Outdoors released the now infamous “drop test” failure. Click here to see the video. What followed was a whirlwind response by shooting enthusiasts and Sig Sauer themselves now with a voluntary recall in full effect. Omaha Outdoors has returned with a follow up video to answer viewers’ questions and complaints about the original test. See their [More]
This Glock compatible conversion kit can be assembled or disassembled in seconds without any major modifications to the base pistol. Inteded for home defense, military, security, and law enforcement officers alike, the Micro-RONI system is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. It can extend the weapon’s effective reach out to somewhere around 100 yards. See how easy it is with the video below. The post It’s that easy to convert a Glock into the Micro Roni appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Paul Harrel, a YouTuber deterined to provide “real firearm information for citizens,” wants to know if a .22 caliber rifle is a viable tool for self defense. Some shooters argue that any caliber that starts with a number less than .4 is just a child’s toy. Other shooters are convinced that proper shot placement will make any weapon effective, regardless of the caliber. Take a look at Paul’s video and let us know your opinion with a Facebook comment. The post Shooter finds out if the .22 caliber rifle is a viable tool for self defense appeared first on America. [More]
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As Season 7 of Game of Thrones winds down to a close, lead actress Emilia Clarke’s Instagram is dialed all the way up. You may know her co-star, Kit Harington, as the rugged, brooding Jon Snow, but her latest post shows him in a bit of a sillier light, if only for 10 seconds. “I mean, JEEEZE, one pet of a dragon and he thinks he’s one of them,” Clarke writes under the hilarious clip of Harington behaving rather similarly to a giant winged beast. For the 8.4 million GoT fans who watched it, it really doesn’t get any better [More]
Click to unmute The Japanese are known for their incredible origami, but Haruki Nakamura creates paper art that most find even more entertaining. Born in 1967, the designer changed his life at 27, when he picked up the encyclopedia of paper craft techniques. His interactive creations include a sheep wearing wolf’s clothing, a frog resting inside a crocodile’s mouth and other unsuspectedly awesome scenes and objects.
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I’d love to hear in the comments section down below what you think about the whole agreement between these two. Did Squirrelflight do the right thing hiding the truth about the kits from her mate? Or should she have trusted him with the information? Was it reasonable that he got so offended by this and that he blamed Squirrelflight so much?