Aren’t spiders just adorable? Well ok, in most cases they’re bloody terrifying, but that image might change when you take a closer look. As close as to where their feet should be, where you’ll find that they have…paws! In more scientific terms, a spider’s “paw” is called a tarsus, and it’s only one of eight parts that make up a rather complicated leg. Just like cats or dogs, spiders also have claws attached to the paws, but in their case, legs also work as ears and nose picking up subtle changes in the air to hear and recognize smells. But [More]
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Michael Scott on leadership
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See part 1 here ( math , alphabet, etc) In this toys dolls parody video, Elsa and Anna toddlers are having their first science class at the school science lab . Barbie is their teacher, she is a kind teacher, she knows a lot about science, biology and nature and she is teaching little Elsa and Anna and their colleagues. Oh no ! The bully classmate is there again ! What other mean things will he do this time ? The class has fun visiting different science stations. They explore the human body, bugs, insects, birds and do an [More]
The Mark 46 Mod 1 lightened SAW is a remarkable piece of hardware. It’s basically a crew served weapon converted to a man-portable light machine gun. The M46 fires from an open bolt and features a quick-change barrel system. Chambered in 5.56 with disintegrating links, this firearm is designed to work with a 100 round belt bag, but you can realistically fire as much as you can carry. See the M46 Mod 1 in action with the video below. The post Modified SAW is a remarkably controllable, even from the hip appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
It’s no secret that the Military Arms Channel has no love for the NFA, but they do have plenty of room in their hearts for weapons manufacturers willing to push those federal boundaries. Meet the Fostech Origin SBV “Firearm,” a shorter version of the Origin 12 shotgun. It’s not cheap with an MSRP just south of $3k, but it is an absolute beauty. Take a closer look at this cool little “firearm” in the video below. The post Another firearms manufacturer bends the NFA to build a shorter 12 gauge “firearm” appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
No this is not some terrible ecological disaster… it’s actually quite the opposite. What you’ll see in this video is a miracle of nature the scientists haven’t seen for more than 30 years. The huge mass that moved with the waves near the beaches of La Jolla, California only looked like an oil spill, but if you look carefully you’ll see it changes shape as the swimmers approach it. No, it’s actually an unusually large school of anchovies that for some reason moved into shallow waters off the coast. And if you thought this looked cool from up above, wait [More]
Even though it may appear that this guy is just an aging hippy who doesn’t care about his looks, the reason he wears his hair long is a heartbreaking one. The last time he trimmed his hair is the same day he had to cut his mom’s care as she was fighting cancer 16 years ago. Unfortunately, she lost that battle and he haven’t seen a hair stylist since then. Now Kevin decided to donate his hair to Locks of Love and do a makeover on Rachael Ray Show. For the first time in 16 years his wife was about [More]
Do you know why sex education is important? It’s because… Well, actually why don’t we let Tweeter Kiran the Nomad explain this with a story of his own. A story that you might have a hard time wrapping your head around. Kiran recently remembered his time in school when he was 12 years old and had a girlfriend who told him she was pregnant. Without much hesitation, Kiran decided that they’re going to keep the baby. The only thing was… they never had sex before. Read below just what on Earth happened there, but be warned that there will be some strong [More]