Personal leadership Podcast With Oren Klaff
No one should think he is too smart or too safe to avoid the consequences of a lack of character. Sure, there are plenty of high profile people who have displayed moral failure, however, if we allow character defects to influence us, we risk failure in our personal lives, our leadership, and our future.
How can leaders-in the business sector, politics, or education-create an environment that facilitates growth? Topics include transformational leadership, personal identity, change, ethics, peak experience and peak performance, motivation, and systems thinking.
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The Reason Why Cat’s are Evil (Compilation)
Barbra went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit Broadway show: “Cats” and met him at that time. She recorded this song in London while working on pre-production for her film “Yentl”. It was never broadcast anywhere but in the United Kingdom. I hope you enjoy it. This is the highest quality version I’ve ever come across anywhere!
MEOWW! Let’s explore the world of cats of all description: wild (lions, tigers, mountain lions, leopards, jaguars, etc.) and domestic, both large and small. From feeding habits, to extraordinary senses, to social behaviour, to their lives as predators.
The YM and YW made videos for Girls Camp 2013 in the HB stake. At youth conference, the youth were presented with this video from the leadership. Starring: The Huntington Beach Stake Presidency and bishops. “Gold” by Owl City Directed by: Chelsea Abinante Co-directed by: Diane Christensen & Bobby Mascio Written by: Diane Christensen, Chelsea Abinante, & Bobby Mascio Produced by: Diane Christensen Filmed and edited by: Bobby Mascio Choreographed by: Mike and Sandy Mason Props: Susie Price & Kathy Busby Lighting and backdrop: Johnny Beutler Fog: Matt Sprowls Gold “Grillz”by Mike Mason