Cats 101- Nebelung

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More Cats 101 Video: | The Nebelung is a rare breed of domestic cat. Nebelungs have long bodies, wide-set green eyes, long and dense fur, and mild dispositions.

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ShaDHP23 says:

My sweet Shampoo is a Nebelung. She’s very smart (I honestly think she
knows her name), very affectionate and loves it when I whistle to her.

Smilodon Kate says:

It kind of looks like Yellowfang…….

henry landivar says:

I found a grey/blue fluff ball last NYE and took her home the Vet told that
she was a Nebelung. She is the smartest cat I have ever had. She gets pissy
if I do not play fetch with her every day.

Savi D says:

I think my kitten may be at least part Nebelung. He looks very similar to
the kittens in this video – his ears just aren’t quite that big. Everything
else is pretty spot on though.

Tracy Johnson says:

I got a kitten a few years ago from a lady who had a house full. She was/is
very anti social, only likes me and maybe one or two others, comes like a
dog when Icall her, so strange I had to find out what breed she was.
Nebelungs are great for a single person like myself. So loyal and actually
have a dog like nature without the neediness. Just keep her bowls full and
her bathroom clean, love her and all is well. I Love Nebelungs.

Oscar Julián says:

I gotta say I’m glad I chose my Nebelung over my mother in law …. This
has has been the best I could ever imagine, some dog like qualities while
keeping her wild nature… Smart as hell …. I haven’t Spayed her cuz I
kind of wanted to breed her with another Nebelung tho…. But she being in
Heat is extremely annoying ! Not sure what to do , these are great cats .

Israel Barber says:

My cat Lulu is a Nebelung and she is the most fascinating and strangest cat
I’ve seen on earth though she doesn’t show the sum of her Nebelung traits
except for behavior, eyes and fur color/shedding. Plus I never would have
guessed Lulu’s breed was so bizarre. I heard that Nebelungs unlike most
cats will come to you tell you what they want and are also picky with whom
they like. They will also follow you most times with if they like you very
much and are somewhat affectionate and somewhat solitary. They are also
some resilient and crafty creatures and will not say yes to dying and they
heal miraculously!

didalaughs says:

funny, i’ve had my nebelung for 14 years so far, and only recently did he
start to develop a few knots underneath on his belly and has never really
shed. it’s nice to hear they have a long life and no known health issues.
being 14 years old, he’s still like a kitten!

Phil Ringley says:

I just had to put my Nebelung to sleep today. His name was Thunder. He
developed a cancerous growth apparently after receiving a shot in his right
rear leg a few months back. He very much resembled the personality
described here. He loved everyone, but me especially. HATED car rides and
being in a carrier. I have hada very BLAH kind of day since this morning
and will miss him more than I realized.

sarah espinoza says:

Mine has blue eyes can someone help I rescued my cat I really want to know
what breed 

games and beauty says:

My little nebelung is in love with my 11 month old daughter. They play all
the tine and she even sleeps underneath the bed my baby sleeps in. She’s
definently a ghost and always disappears. She doesn’t like new people but
of you hurt my daughter watch out! Shell attack you worse than any dog

Mayzism says:

This lies… My nebelung is crazy. He don’t give a flying flip about the
vacuum. He loves to play, and he will climb in the truck with the mailman
if you let him. I take him for walks on the leash because he just has to be

Lucia Bica says:

Can it have white paws, because I think my cat that ran away is a Nebelung.

Azrael Bound says:

Best breed ever,mine is smart and crazy as **** love my fat cat

TJ | Nekonyan99 says:

My cat is a Nebelung! ^~^ Her name’s Neko!

Preslee Jaeger says:

I have a nebelung and a calico. My nebelung used to be a hisser but now she
is outgoing around me and my 2 year old brother. She is so patient with
Peerce. Lol

JoshWritesSongs says:

I’m glad I finally know what Bazil really is!! A beautiful Nebelung male! I
can’t wait until his coat fully develops; he’s only 14 months. p.s. This
video is SPOT ON.

dan mag says:

I have one too, named mr smokey moccasins, he hates everyone but me… he
really hated my ex gf…. like he would stalk her and attack her…. I was
always on the look out…

Mikalhvi says:

The Nebelung kind of looks like an alien cat from space.

ivo pinto says:

I like this. About the family suggestion its silly because ea cat has his
own personality.

Jezne Saville says:


Sanic Hegehog says:

Do you think these cats realize just how in depth we’ve studied them?

Katie Ashdown says:

I just have to add that this video and photos in general do not capture how
beautiful these cats really are. The silvery blue coat is something you
have to see in person to appreciate.

xwarped83 says:

I had a Nebelung and a Russian Blue before, ex has them now, and they are
the most loving cats to have.

chunkymonkey862 says:

Omg the first time I saw that cat I was like:*0*
So beautiful

Polarkinz says:

Aww!! I love Nebelung cats!!

polaris800rider09 says:

Alright so one of my families cats that is a black short hair gave us 3
kittens that were blue/gray, sadly 2 of them did not make it past the first
week. The one that did survive I decided to keep, although he is not a
pedigree Nebelung I do not see what other possible breed he could be as he
fits the description of a Nebelung exactly. As he matured he began to
resemble Nebelungs more and more, and now he is a year and a half old and
he matches the Nebelung personality exactly too! I have never had a cat
that is so loving of his family than this one. Also his intelligence is
much higher than any cat I’ve owned as he has taught himself how to use
many things like humans and understands his name perfectly, he listens to
what you tell him to do, and he will even turn on the faucet to get a
drink(but isn’t smart enough to realize to turn it off, which is a pain in
the ass and we now have to keep bathroom doors closed when we leave or the
water will run all day), he also is very persistent at letting you know
what he wants. A very cool breed indeed!

Onkie Doodle says:

teeth and gums are a issue with nebelung/grey cats!and they DEFF need less
grooming then other half long haired breeds, personally i only groom when
needed,,,not every day (have several cats, all long coated and different
this is mine,,,and i mean “mine”exactly,,,she only likes me :)
Pieuw nebelung .AVI

Jonathan beauvais says:

I love my nebelung

xX Monkey BoBo Xx says:

why iam here? iam not a cat person 

Amberly Ashes says:

My cat Osiris looked just like this he was my baby I miss him so much he
was hit by a car =[

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