Cats 101: Turkish Van

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Cat Health 101:

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The Turkish Van is a cat that has an athletic swimmers body. This is a good thing because this breed actually likes to swim.

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Sude K. says:

Turkısh Van cat is a national name. This has been recognized by
everyone. These cats were also first Van. Van is the city of Turkey. That’s
why they are called the Turkish Van cat. So we not steal the Armenians. The
only reason they act like the Armenians, they dont like us. We do not like
them anyway. But we do not make them like this accusation. This is the
difference between us already ;)

TimeyWimeyAura says:

I think my cat was a Turkish Van/Domestic Shorthair mix. So, he was a mutt
cat, basically.
He had short hair, but he also had the reddish Van pattern, and amber eyes.
He had a mark on his neck, too. :)
He was always interested in water, watching it and dabbing at it, but he
never was bold enough to actually try swimming. He didn’t mind being picked
up, and was very intelligent. Seriously, he knew how to open doors by
jumping up and twisting the door handle with his front paws. He would also
watch people play with spintops and try to spin them himself when they
stopped. He would try to pick the spintop up by its handle with his paw,
and when he realized he couldn’t grip it, he would try with his mouth,
shaking it around for momentum before dropping it. Seemed dissapointed when
he couldn’t get it to spin.
I miss him all the time. Rest in peace, Maxwell.

Basic Tutorials says:

My cat is a turkish van :)

Rudaba Amin Chowdhury says:

THAT CAT IS SOOO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

furkan güloğ says:

Original turkish Van is only white and have 1 green and blue (protection in

KitsuneXione says:

i have a turkish van. His name is Jack

MOFO says:

Orginal van has blue and green eyes.

osdef186"minecraft empoler" says:

its not van its said like Vahn

JoraKar says:

Hello everyone, If anyone in United States has a nice male red white Vana
kitten (must not fixed, breedable), I am willing to pay the top price 1.2K
plus shipping to California per kitten right away. Please message me or
email me at JoraKar[at]

Aufar Raden says:

This is a cat i am looking for. No struggle when bathing lol

Ahmet Albayrak says:

Bizimkiler burda mı? :)

Elektra El says:

i’d like to reincarnate as a cat

misslaurenlaw says:


Emanuel Kazaryan says:

This is 100% ARMENIAN CAT

Coregame3 says:

Armenian Van

Nibar Nzar says:

Just call it Van cat, or Armenian Van cat, or Kurdish Van cat.

Huong Duong Thu says:

There’s my favorite breed!

David Roy says:

This may be one of my top cat breeds that I would like to own. The
“swimming cat”. I would love to have a cat that likes water and swimming.
That would be SO fun! Imagine your cat joining you in the shower. That
would be hilarious to me. I have heard that this breed is an expensive
breed to buy from a breeder. Sigh! Looks like that I need to start saving
up my pennies! :) Great video on this breed. 

arseni k says:

van(vaan) cat, not (v’an) like the car : van is a lake , which used to be
on an Armenian territory. therefore this is an Armenian cat people! anless
the cat was magically created after the land was robbed from the Armenians.
get you facts right “cats 101” i wonder how much other bs you feed the
uneducated public. we need a new channel who actually knows what theyre
talking about 

haybaycutiepie says:

I think my cat may be a Turkish Van. He is just short haired maya be and
doesn’t really like water, he’s okay with water, but he’s not the biggest
fan.. Lol (He is 8 years old(I think) born on New Years Eve! And his name
is Dude. His brother is 2 years younger, born on October 18th, and his name
is Buddy! (I did not name them, they came w/ their names) but not a Turkish
Van at all! I adopted him at the same time, they actually came from the
same home, just the old owner was too old and couldn’t take care of them
anymore. They also are NOT from the same litter. Lol 

Cemre Su says:

İnadına Ne Mutlu Türk’üm Diyene !! Ermenileri bize karşı kışkırttılar ya
artık Turkish Van Cat’imizi bile çekemiyorlar. THIS CAT IS AN AMAZING

Virginie Rolland says:

Van cat is the best cat ever ! 

Joshua Jones says:

My oldest is a Van. Grumpy to everyone but me. Lol. He’s extremely loyal to
his “daddy”.

laurelj75 says:

I’ve always loved Cats 101. I’m a fan. ;D

Fainting Giraffe says:

Turkey has the best animals for sure. The turkish van cat, and the turkish
kangal dog.

morrisseyowesmemoney says:

Turkish Angoras are better :P

RyuKen91LKG says:

Introduced by nomad peoples i think

Emma somethingxx says:

M kitty was a turkish van, he was very active, doesn’t like to cuddle alot
and amazed with water, I lost him a year ago and it killed me a little
inside, Rest in peace Jackie

Jay Nordell Trudeau says:

Turkish and Azeri Van cat!

Kaan Yazmaci says:

Bunlar henüz 63 styleyi dinlememişler galiba 😀 

Sheila Archfall says:

Hmm.. good Warrior Cat, where can i get one?

Hello Bye says:

Well, I have a turkish van but he dosen’t meow too much and hes furry

Levelupone says:

funny that…it’s not true about the cuddling part and the ‘not smaller
children’ since I had one Turkish van which was wonderful. He even kept
staying next to me every night, i did pick him up when he said it was ok
which is totally fine. He was a true guardian to me ^^ 

Melody Mango says:

I had a turkish van, and he was the most timid yet affectionate and loving
creature. <3

Hrayr Hayrapetyan says:

its not “turkish van” its just “Van Cat”

Cara Horan says:

OMG I love this cat breed this is the only cat breed that loves to swim 

CheekyBunny8883 says:

Awww SO cute

Ali 098 says:

yerim ben seni çok şirin ya

Andre Koala says:

My very own opinion: they’re very intelligent, family members indeed (or
else) = meaning they love their family; including other cats & dogs! But
when you keep several Turkish Vans, please be aware as they tend to act
rather as a pack, and trust me, no one is save when they decide when enough
is enough. They’re friendly & loyal (very much so), but when things turn
ugly, just get out of the way, they can be very harmful toward strangers –
other than that they’re excelent cats. ;)

Angel Marie says:

I have a Turkish van rags doll mix

Tugrul Turnali says:

there is a huge mistake int his video. the original turkish van cat is
only white colored and has two different eye colors. The mix color fur is
probably mixture of differnet breed.

waldmoosfrau says:

I have one turkish van at home. he is soooo big and beautiful. he is not
very long haired. and he loves water so much. he always wants to drink out
of the water tap and plays with water and put his hat under.
by the way… actually the real name should be “kurdish van” cause the lake
is in kurdistan.

peikathryn says:

I had a Turkish Van and didn’t know it. We adopted her as a kitten and she
had the God’s thumbprint mark on her. She was very soft and she shed 12
months a year. She was cuddly on her terms and didn’t mind having a bath
if needed.

FrozenHeart Bri says:

I had a female Turkish Van, her name was Hermione. She was VERY sweet,
loved attention, was very affectionate and also had adorable kittens. She
was a great mommy. 

Uğurlu Oyuncu says:


PoorGirlism says:


Shannon Bertzyk says:

I have a cat like this named Kiki (Pikachu) I have a video of her on my
channel. She is SOOOOO beautiful, she cleans herself all the time! So I
don’t need to brush her as often. She is so love able to, she hates water
though, but since we adopted her, we don’t have a reason why. She plays
with everything! The video that I have posted is of her playing with a
sticker. I love her sooo much!!!!! Xoxo pikachu! 

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