Celebrity Cats! Happy National Hug Your Cat Day!

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What's This?

TMZ covers a lot of celebrities, but we thought for National Hug Your Cat Day we would celebrate celebrity cats!

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rickiex says:

What about me? Business cat?!

fknpoewnd says:

The fuck did I watch

Fiasco says:

Hug your cat every day :)

Dan Barker says:

Fuck cats.

weba22 says:

I like lil bub the best.

cuddly-grande says:

Dogs are smelly and trashy. Cats smell like a baby and are classy.

Damján Reményi says:

Dogs FTW!

Dan Yu says:

+Serena Small 

Kians boner garage says:

this is so stupid….but i love cats <3

Arron Chana says:

that’s what you think. But cats really are just thinking about ways to
either kill you or eat you while you died. plus how can you do all this and
not say FUCKING NYAN CAT BRO!!!!!!!!!

mira1321 says:

getting a kitten this month, this video made me excited! ahaha

Twinklesloveskylie says:

TMZ Cats. Do it!



cali714ish says:

cats rule…

Jham Reyes says:

I would love to hug my cat :3 if I have one ..

MetalSnakeUtah says:

I hug my cat everyday, I can’t help it they’re love balls of fluff.

Daniel Medina says:

Kitty cats!!!

Uygar Kilic says:
Fernando Perez says:

Dan you should get one maybe the closest youll get to pussy!!!

altertheskyy1 says:

if the cat peed on him it means it was scared. more proof people are
fucking retarded and treat their animals like toys. please see: Lady gaga’s
dog Asia (instagram)

rozozzy says:

embrace your pussy!!lol

The Adventures of Alias says:

:( I came here expecting porn 

Irma Torres says:

I love grumpy catttt!!

Ṫḩṓḿ Ƒᴙᴑᶊᵵ says:
Nouala Omar says:

juste rebecca black

Alex Perez says:

my cat died a few weeks ago :(

DevinnesCactus says:

Aw, what about Venus the cat?

Yo Mama says:

Fuck Cats #DogsRule

Adam Moreira says:

Why isn’t Shevonne…the CAT LADY…presenting this?

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