Could You Be Sucked Into Space Through a Hole? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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What's This?

In the movies, we’ve seen tons of people (and aliens) get sucked out into space, but could it really happen in the same violent manner in real life? Kyle explains on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Abdulrahman Hassan says:

I liked the long hair more…

tuschman168 says:

I have a follow up question: How long until such a small hole would actually completely suck (yes, I'm still using that word) all the air out of the space craft. Or let's say a space craft roughly the size of a space shuttle.

yousuf yasir says:

1:15 that drawing of lungs though

David VanderKooi says:

death butter

Richard Alley says:

Physics doesn't suck. Why? Because Science.

FisforFenton says:

I kept wondering how he was writing backwards then i noticed his hair part switching sides whenever he wrote and realized they were just flipping the image.

james leyva (Tr4gicFire) says:

i will never foget what my 10 grade chem teacher said… there is no suck in science

Daniel Roberts says:

I am a new subscriber and wondered if you accepted because science theories

Yu-Shiang Hsieh (AH-DO-AH) says:

poor crabby

Yu-Shiang Hsieh (AH-DO-AH) says:

poor crabby

Mikail van Dartel says:

So if we could find a way to regulate temperature and need no oxygen or something like that, we could just wander through space you say?

Samuel Gomez says:

Under Pressure? You couldn't have known by the time you did the video… RIP David Bowie

Tobias Roth says:

why is Mark whatney a space pirate in the Martian

SupernerdScrawl says:

So nothing ever sucks? Dragonball Evolution begs to differ.

Jackie Z says:

I've got a question…

how strong would mithril be in real life? Or would it even be plausible?

Dab3stxblasassassin says:

If I can ask. what's your degree in?

Cholo Mw says:

Wait so how does pressure cause a vaccum?

Ian Trent says:

4:10 Do you feel it now Mr. Krabs?

Fusk says:

Holy **!!! that crab just…. holy crap!!!! wtf that's some scary nightmare science stuff D=

Jonathan Pinkerton says:

I get whats being said, but I don't use my lungs to breathe through a straw when I'm getting a drink. I'm pretty sure most of us suck by expanding our mouths and then swallowing the liquid a mouthful at a time. Using your lungs seems like a way to choke yourself.

James Maniac says:

Dude, if you use your lungs to suck and not your tongue then there's something wrong.

00Void says:

+1 for the Queen reference :P

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