Does FASTED Cardio Burn More Fat? (What The Science Says)

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What's This?

Is there any truth to the idea that FASTED cardio burns more FAT?

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This video was edited by Rashaun R and me using Final Cut Pro X


I’m 5’5, 177 lbs

hey I did a video about 3 years ago on this topic!

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AWildBeowulf says:

So overall there hasn’t been enough evidence? Sorry. I watched the video, but I couldn’t find a direct answer. Slow learner here.

Zachary Dial says:

Fasted training to keep fat off while in a lean mass phase

Shane Johnson says:

I never got how people really thought this was legit. People say if you eat before you'll just be burning off food not fat…..but then that food wouldn't be stored as fat… if you did fasted cardio, burned some fat then ate after wards your body would use that food to put on fat right?

Kristafer Whitcher says:

What about fasted HIIT?

Danni T says:

Love these videos
Could you talk about the effects of caffeine and acetyl l carnitine on fasted cardio?

miissjeessicaa says:


calakiduki says:

What about the effect just having protein (ie 30g of whey) before cardio? No carbs no fat. Any differences?

Gerson Gomez says:

Keto diet myth bust?

Kevin McGee says:

more topics related to fasted cardio

Kody Parsons says:

I like your haircut Jeff

arvin antolino says:

another informative content bro! Thanks!

michael mcgrath says:

The more we learn, the less we know

Benjamin Skinner says:

Hey Jeff you should do a video about carb cycling, like for when people try to have a high carb day every 3 days or twice a week. And when it might be the best to time have a high carb day, like maybe the day before a heavy deadlift session or after an intense leg workout. Also if you were going to have a cheat meal on a high carb day would it be better the day before a intense workout , or right before or after the workout.

MLDU2010 says:

Jeff – can you do a myth bust monday on carb cycling?? Thanks, love the vids!

owlman257 says:

A hungry wolf is a dangerous one, a feed wolf is a sleepy one.

Horny Bee says:

I do fasted sleep.

huchmoful says:

Great video! I had read conjecture that fasted cardio needed to be done at no more than 30% of your VO2 max but that was more a conjecture based on the necessity of oxygen in the process of lipid oxidation but I would love to see a follow up video on the effect of different cardio intensities on fat loss. Thanks!

VictoriousVi says:

What’s better than not doing cardio? Not doing cardio after you ate!! Sweet info Jeff!

Jose Perez Sifuentes says:


Patrick Sengyothinh says:

Would this apply to those who are doing keto? My girlfriend does keto, and always wondered if working out fasted on keto is any beneficial, since you're already in the state of fat burning

Derek Shelby says:

Long as insulin is involved you can never burn fat, insulin opens the cells so glucose can enter, muscle, liver, fat cells. Fats dont trigger insulin thus why keto works and fasting, The beginning stages of fasting is burning out all the glucose out of your body which can store around 2,000 calories for energy, and 40,000 of fat. The body is designed to have a higher fat reserved because it can burn fat more efficiently and long term than sugar which you can deplete in half and hour. Glucose is not the preferred fuel of the body fat is, it is thought to be because its used first, between the choice of fat and sugar your body will go after the sugar first but the reason why is that sugar causes the most damage, so the body is in a emergency situation where it has to dispose of it first, its not the preferred it's the most dangerous that needs to be disposed of, your body will stick it in cells, store it as fat to get it out the blood stream, if you're active and depleting this reserve and not trying to burn fat then dont worry.
To get to that fat and to start burning it you can to burn out the glucose reserve fist and eat things that have fats and very low carb and low glycemic things that dont trigger insulin to not fill that reserve and get the body reacting to and burning carbs and sugar which turn into glucose.

Anaz Moon says:

In the studies mentioned, the participants typically did the same length & intensity right?

But wouldn’t it be more practical for the participants to perform the same intensity of a cardio exercise to failure instead of to a time limit since the fed group would have more glycogen? Therefore the fed group would be able to perform cardio longer and thus over a 24hr period would have burned more calories overall than the fasted group?

Not saying one is better than the other, it most likely depends heavily on a person’s lifestyle/preference (also I’m not published on anything like this lol), just wondering about the studys’ methodology.

Thanks love these videos!

Ouyh says:

Bcaa/EAA while fasted ?

Eduardo Levy says:

You should do If sauna & steam showers are beneficial for the body .. & hot tubs .. ( science explained ) 👌🏽& if having sex decreases testosterone… Anyways great videos bro

JimPlays Pc says:

Looking beast in the thumpnail

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