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What's This?

This is the continuation of the short movie, “BAD BABY KAYCEE MEET RACHEL!” In this episode, Kaycee, will experience what’s life in the province was and getting along with Rachel at the same time. They kept on quarrelling and trying to get even with each other which made the story really funny!

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Watch the FIRST Episode here:

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Hi guys!!! Sorry for making you wait for so long!! Hope you'll like this 2nd Episode that we did!! Have fun watching!! Please don't forget to click "LIKE" or SUBSCRIBE if you haven't!! Remember you can only subscribe once!! If you already did you don't need to click it again! Thanks!! Love you all!!

Yshea Kylene Lopez says:

hahaha😂😂it so very funny i like it

Imee Roman says:

kit kat challange

Samina Qazi says:

in part three pls make like kaycee go home back with her sister rachel and kaycee be nice too rachel

hanna kylee says:

that is tanay in philipines reply plsss??

Earl Tarcenio says:

awesome like a head

Ravy Ya says:

can you make part faster i want to watch it so bad this is funny and amazing to no really it is amazing pls make it

Normira Binti Ismail says:

Kaycee and Rachel is beautiful girls .

Maribel Gutierrez says:

i hate you kaycee😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Sarna Brahma says:

I wish next part will be as fast as you can make

Jikay Castillon says:

kaycee your meanie and i dont care if your rich rachel is so good

Annika kim Gonzalez says:

I know you guys are in Philippines

Maria Eordekian says:

and l Waite part 3

jocelyn ochoa says:

you guys are so cool

park jimin Lalisa says:

little minion😁😁

Ela Consuegra says:

I like the last part so sad I hope my life is not like that
1 like= Make Kaycee and Rachael had a good perfect family.

faisal thoppil thoppil says:

what will be the next continu

park jimin Lalisa says:

i love you kaycee and rachel

Phoebe Fernandez says:

yay part 2!

Be a diamond says:

do more vidios like this

it's Juliann and sophie here says:

I want more..part three…pllsss🙏🙏🙏

Sadia Farid says:

so sad at last I cried I wish I have a sister like Rachel I love her I am so excited for the next part

Lim Sokpanha says:

I'm cry for this video 2 times

putih naila mufidah says:

i like you Kaycee

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