Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – Dara O Briain’s Science Club – BBC

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What's This?

Dara O Briain explains some consequences of SpaceTime from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Namely the faster you move from a source of gravity like the Earth, the more time you can “acquire”. (i.e. to the traveling party, those stationary are living “faster”; whilst to those who remain on Earth, their counterparts in motion live “slower” at any given moment). Dara then chats to Professor Janna Levin about what would happen if two black holes collided.

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Gary Pylant says:

Love Einstein… Dara O Brian great show and I would love to be on
sometime… I was a pilot for the Atomic Energy Commission in Area 51
Nevada blowing up atomic bombs… SelfEvidentLearning is the results so
Enjoy… :)

Mac says:

Look at those dweebs in the audience!

1249lineman says:

It is all relative. The people trying to discredit this are showing their
relative inability to think about concepts that have some incredibly
astounding possibilities. It is a great thing scientists and philosophers
don’t do that.

Pentcho Valev says:

Janna Levin wrongly teaches that, according to Maxwell’s 19th century
electromagnetic theory, the speed of light (relative to the observer) is
independent of the speed of the observer. Actually Maxwell’s theory
predicted that the speed of light VARIES WITH THE SPEED OF THE OBSERVER
(Einstein’s 1905 false constant-speed-of-light postulate had neither
theoretical nor experimental support):

John Norton: “That [Maxwell’s] theory allows light to slow and be frozen
in the frame of reference of a sufficiently rapidly moving observer.”


Gabrielle Bonnet, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon: “Les équations de
Maxwell font en particulier intervenir une constante, c, qui est la vitesse
de la lumière dans le vide. Par un changement de référentiel classique, si
c est la vitesse de la lumière dans le vide dans un premier référentiel, et
si on se place désormais dans un nouveau référentiel en translation par
rapport au premier à la vitesse constante v, la lumière devrait désormais
aller à la vitesse c-v si elle se déplace dans la direction et le sens de
v, et à la vitesse c+v si elle se déplace dans le sens contraire.”


Stephen Hawking: “Maxwell’s theory predicted that radio or light waves
should travel at a certain fixed speed. But Newton’s theory had got rid of
the idea of absolute rest, so if light was supposed to travel at a fixed
speed, one would have to say what that fixed speed was to be measured
relative to. It was therefore suggested that there was a substance called
the “ether” that was present everywhere, even in “empty” space. Light waves
should travel through the ether as sound waves travel through air, and
their speed should therefore be relative to the ether. Different observers,
moving relative to the ether, would see light coming toward them at
different speeds, but light’s speed relative to the ether would remain

Ian Atkinson says:


Gerardo Zuniga says:

if those riples are traveling at the speed of light and you were standing
there at the moment it passestru you you be disintegrated ! and you would
not fell a thing !

Ozymandias says:

please rename this video to “Special Theory of Relativity” 

stud000000079 says:

No you wouldn’t.

MrRussian2023 says:

Pointless video

James Sarginson says:

Soooooooo much misconception. It’s all relative. 

Razid M.S. says:

Well that ended quickly

Michael D says:

great !!!! one more second to live !! oops ! just smoked a cigarette ,
subtract 6.59 minutes !!

Michael Swanson says:

My relatives run away from me. ;)

reyrob says:

2:46 …. super geek look!!!


sooperchikken says:

Dat interlaced video.

dfrocha1 says:

Those ripples that were talked about were just proved that they exist. 

parker808 says:

If you spend 3.46 secs watching this video. You would have aged 3.46 secs
faster. It also proves the time that it takes you to finish reading this
whole message. You would have aged an incredible 15seconds! Life is

Audrey Benton says:

This was really interesting:) I loves it!

wolfmanwill says:

The speed of light is not constant.

It travels faster in a vacuum than it does in air 

rushwal says:

Didn’t seem to be a complete thought. Parts of two different shows crammed


I think everything, as well as the universe is expanding, but mass lags
behind. This causes puckers in the space-time continuum, not the funneled
distortion always rendered. It also would explain the fact that mass
converted to energy expands to ‘catch-up’ with all expanding energy.
(Armchair woolgathering, but it keeps me busy.)

stud000000079 says:

No you wouldn’t.

MrRussian2023 says:

Pointless video

JAYO Carlow says:

love this show,dont know why it has so many dislikes its a deadly show,dara
is from ireland like my self so thats a plus and ihe is one hell of a funny
guy love his stand up,,,but seriously this show is wicked this clip does
not do it justice…trust me if you watch a full show and have a good head
on your shoulders you will love it:0 if you need a link to a episode hit
me up ill give you a link…..

ThePandorads9 says:

Lovely stuff :-)


thanks, definitely feel more clevererer in my brain now

ThePandorads9 says:

Lovely stuff :-)

eminemishh says:

This is bullshit you still age, if we can travel at an infinite speed we
would be immortal.

blenderpanzi says:

Kraftwerk: Numbers, or the theme of Chaosradio!

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