[ENG] 140614 SNL Korea S05E11 – Science High School vs Foreign High School (Jay Park Cut)

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Iz C says:

LOL this is just too hilarious & sadly true

Lamusicful says:

Damn, that ending doe…so full of reality hitting both of the rivaling

Blotyran says:

Lol omg the ending. So sad, but true >_< They got slapped back to reality hahah

VeroniqueParks says:

It speaks the truth lol

kpopliciousable04 says:

chaebols~ the cruel reality ahahha

Tralala_Beez says:

wow. this is actually a satire. very unexpected twist in the end.

LyeLye says:

I take it that dude at the end was rich? XDDD He was all sparkly and

SafYa JOo says:

that song near the end reminds me of jhope lol

luvsachkash says:

wow the moral is damn good

FrostyShark says:

Nice choice of Rocky’s soundtrack though :D

Miss Bee says:

I want to know the song after jaebum asked the second question.. it sound a
bit classic.. could someone tell me?

Allysha Faye Domingo says:

“No matter how hard they study, they’ll be working under me, uncivilized

the irony =.= such a cruel world.

Norazerra Papartaim says:

Lol…. budak science vs budak sastera xD

Norman Jr. Pamisaran says:


LittleCupOf - T says:

The chaebols always win. *sigh* 

ymg20 says:

Is this the place where math smells. lol

yoomiee1 says:

Man, I wish SNL is still R19. It’s like.. not even funny anymore!

Thai Khanh Linh says:

Wasn’t that guy in the end in The Genius s2? Im Yo Hwan

Ms B says:

루트는 왜씌우는거야 추우니까 씌우는거야에서 겁나 빵터짐ㅋㅋㅋ

YoungJin Park says:

I’m 14 and these math questions are pretty easy lol
No Seriously 

Seth Christopher says:
gelou bautista says:


HolaImJaae says:

anyone know who the guy was at the end?

Nilla Terranova says:

dat class name thou ㅋㅋㅋㅋ somewhat i want all class’ tag change into formula

mireli16 says:

May i ask why Jay is covering his tattops? 

Shakira Elms says:

The boy on Jay Park’s team is very attractive. 

vyxtouch says:

Who was the guy at the end?

kpoper wassup (akafatimahaka) says:

thank you i wanted to see this in eng sub 

AkitoFTWgaming says:

LOL…this is some funny ass shit..

xingdae says:

I don’t get why im laughing at this it’s so cheesy xD

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