Episode 1 – What’s New, Pussycat? Backstage at CATS with Tyler Hanes

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What's This?

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In the first episode of Tyler Hanes’ new CATS vlog, we get to meet the cast and more.

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Alex Martins says:

I did a show with Sara a couple weeks ago and she's teaching at my school next year. I love her she's so sweet and amazingly talented <3

Casey Ann says:


Bubblez McGuire says:

8:05 Hurts me and I'm a Girl!!!! Keep it up Man!!!!

Cate Ginsberg says:

What's the name of the app?

Gracie Galahad says:

OMG Shonica and I are from the same state! Now I'm excited!

Bella Shine says:

HOLY MOLY CATS IS COMING BACK TO BROADWAY?!?! This might just be the greatest day on Earth….

Marianne Grossmann says:

So many newsies….

MagicCatJenny says:


ItsAimee says:

Eloise! 😄😄

trippsayswhat says:


Niamh Pragnell Toal says:

Actually in love with this the cast are amazing 😍😍

Abi Alston says:

I'm already in love with this whole cast

Mo Brady says:

FYI: The lower third at 6:02 is incorrect. :) Looking forward to the show!

AndyParkerASMR says:

3:18 Jellicle Twerk

Marianne Lamb says:

I don't think I've ever been more excited to see a vlog series!!

Isabella Solis says:

I love everyone in this cast already, esp Shanika (sp?)

Maddison Earle-Sadler says:

ARGH! So excited for this series of vlogs!! 🐱

tissue522 says:

OMG Eloise and Georgina!!!!! I can already smell the awesomeness that is about to happen from the other side of earth!!!!! Love you both!!!!

Raymond White says:

omg!!! I met Tyler!!!!! I did a dancing masterclass and he taught it. And it was my birthday and he gave me a hug!!!!

gracieliz95 says:

So my family has always been obsessed with musical theatre but none of us have ever be able to see a Broadway show because we're broke Nebraskans. But this show has three actors we've seen before in it! Giuseppe played Billy Elliott when we saw it in Chicago, we just saw Andy Jones in the Cinderella tour, and Quentin Earl Darrington spoke at the Nebraska thespian convention. So this feels like a sign that we might be making it to Broadway too, very soon. Fingers crossed!

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