Episode 11 – What’s New, Pussycat? Backstage at CATS with Tyler Hanes

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CATS’ Tyler Hanes bids farewell to some co-stars and gets into a vlogging crossover moment with WAITRESS star Betsy Wolfe.

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byarkie says:

"we met at whole foods" bless

Abby Burijon says:


The BD says:


Artjommm says:

Oh my, now, after having watched all the 11 episodes with Tyler, I just MUST fly to NY to come and see you, guys. You seem to have a blast over there. I'm a CAT fan, have watched 5 shows in Europe so far and live in Germany. Wish me luck to save the money for the trip. :-/ :-)))

broadway kid says:

Aaaaahhhhh yees omg thank God ive been waiting for so long

Marcelo Benitez says:

Choir practice is the best of the video by far. I want to see more of rehearsals, especially Kropp's tap number the Heavyside Lair. Thanks, Tyler.

Tim Van Rooy says:

anyone know where eloise, christine, and kim are going to next?

MsWickedWolf says:

Tyler! 😻😽

blobfishtv fish says:

Loved the show it was awsome

Dancer21 says:

Christine is so funny

yffuD maiL says:

I'm gonna miss Christine's antics

TheBlfan says:

I thought Eloise left a few months in…?

enigmagirl says:

Woot! I am so happy that theatre is evolving to include performances for people who are on the Spectrum and have other medical needs that prevents them from seeing amazing shows with special effects. May Phantom do this one day so I can take my nephew with sensory sensitivity to the show that stared my love for the stage. God Bless you all!

Singing Gecko says:

Oh my god that beginning had me dead!!!

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