Episode 7 – What’s New, Pussycat? Backstage at Broadway’s CATS with Tyler Hanes

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What's This?

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Previews are in full swing at the Neil Simon Theatre! Enter the Jellicle junkyard with Tyler Hanes as he gives us a backstage tour and shares what goes on before, during and after CATS performances.

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LubeeLu1 says:

Please keep the vlog going after next week! Cats is one of my favourite musicals and this vlog is the best!

Emily Arroyo says:

I love how we get to follow different members of the cast! One of the best vlogs ever!

Kurama says:

Ok, I have three things to say!

1) I saw you guys June 23rd, and I was in the Mezzanine near one of the kitty entrances! IT WAS AMAZING AND I'VE BEEN SINGING CATS SONGS ALL WEEK WITH NO INTENTION OF STOPPING. I might have to see it again (it was my first time seeing cats). 😀

2) The heavy metal music accompanying the makeup was a nice touch

3) That fanart is almost 6 years old now! The artist also made a picture with Mistoffelees (I think it was him, still trying to figure out the names) creating lightning/magic, and it was epic beyond proportion!

Cristina Joanne says:


Raymond Danzel says:

I'm just waiting for the bootlegs

Dee says:

he knows exactly what we want to see!!! love love love these vlogs please dont stop making them!!

Avery Lauren says:

This blog is so great! It needs a season 2!!

MsKnitsAlot says:

Hi Tyler, I don't have a Twitter but I do have a question for you and other Cats cast- do you have a favorite real life cat? (Could be a celebrity cat or a cat you've known personally.)

IWillBeHers says:

Seeing the stage manager's station backstage reminds me of how Laura Osnes used to say hi to Ira every night/matinee by leaving a makeup smudge on his call book.

Also, I didn't know Mistofelees/Tugger was a thing, but apparently it is!

jon clay says:

So by the looks of Tyler's costume & going off the little clip we heard there I'm guessing that it's the original version of Tuggers song & not the recent London and UK tour one with the rap in it? Am I right?

Abi Alston says:

next week is the last week man I'm crying

cirquedukrabs97 says:

Keep the vlog!!!! Let's do more than 8 episodes

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