European Shorthair | Cats 101

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What's This?

Meet a kitty with great sprit: the European Shorthair!

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Pontte says:

Finland in a american show now that’s rare!

ksionc100 says:

This show has the credibility of a horoscope. Not a source of actual
information. For example this one 2:25. The blonde is wrong as the European
shorthair has lots of undercoat. Some breeds have even more (for example
Persian, Exotic, Siberian etc), some less (Siamese, Burmese, Tonk etc)

Phoenix Sosuke says:

To me when I think of a regular cat the european shorthair is the first to
come to mind, to me he’s the most default cat type without any extreme
features, thats why it’s my favorite breed. If you want just a regular cat
without health issues and they have everything you would want and expect
from a cat.

Erika Mercury says:

I have one and she is very territorial and protecting lol but really loves
the family

Penelope Nouthavykoun says:

Someone get this kind of kittycat in texas

kaapo hartikainen says:

Märkä kissa says that old woman in the end thats finnhis

Aysegul Kafali says:

dude aren’t those grey variations just, well you know, chartreux?

Mini Ryou says:

1:48. How do I spell it? Calmane? Kalmane (yes my english isn’t the
greatest ><)

Crimson Blade says:

I got one named baby and she is my little angel. 

Linda Lemoni says:

got two of them at home and we love them

judithmeisje says:

We have 2 European Shorthairs! The came from the animalshelter. I live in
the Netherlands. It’s a very populair breed and easy to get. 

Banshee Cat 6 says:

Reminds me of a Russian Blue

CrypticSerenity says:

I had a cat named Hank that looked exactly like a European Shorthair, but I
live in America and his mom was Siamese xD

clala says:

I have a European Shorthair a girl she was giving to me by My cousin she
said Her neighboors moved out and left Her … But i glad happen bcs she so
lovable loves dogs That is a plus loves kids she playfull and funny
territorial which wont get out 

benny332 says:


Agent0Fluffy says:

Her fur coat is black.

stektfisk33 says:

I have one that looks like a tiger and he is the king of the neighborhood.
He always end the fights as a winner. :)

SoffanIsTheBest says:

Hahaha “Boondcat” xD (It’s actually called “Bondkatt”!!)

iwannadrinkacupoftea says:

I live in Austria (which is in europe) and sometimes at night I can hear
cats fighting over their territory. It sounds awful. 😀 So I guess it’s
true that european shorthairs sometimes don’t get along well with other

jvfroman says:

so wheres the funny part??

Kimberly Tanchay says:

this is sooo cute!!!!

LOKUTOS744 says:

Female cat is territorial,stays close to home ; but male cat makes long
journeys in search of other females and often gets more back..(killed by

Sissel Missile says:

Is it a Toyger?

RagnarockWolf says:

Sadly is not very apprecciated, is often called “bastard cat” and cause is
very common is considered of no value. I just love this breed, they are
very playfull and as the video say they require minimal care.

alucardthebombay says:

1:20 move it!

ESC Felix says:


Agent0Fluffy says:

At 0:48 my cat looks just like that.

Jack Daniels says:

im sick who would want too sell their cat for money its LIKE the slave
trade ITS A LIVING BEING NOT A OBJECT and yes I know I own one of the
worlds rarest cat the charteux.

Agent0Fluffy says:

I have a European shorthair cat.

Frida Nyberg says:

“Bond cat” – u r doin it wrong. 😛 “Bondkatt” (Swedish for farm cat) is
pronounced “Boond (short word, but with an oo-sound, not Bond like James
Bond) -katt”. KA-tt (the A is a sound not really found in English, your A
is like our Ä), not “caaat”. 😉

CorrineHuskyLover says:

they look like a kitten! Cute cute cute!

Leecat Fluff says:

i got a grey shorthair kitten

Violent4Red says:

Well I know that but her cat was a orange mainecoon that spontaneously got
preggers from a stray. So we just don’t know what happened.

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