Goosefeather’s Replacement – Featherwhisker: Day 2 – Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

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Pinkbunnygirl43 here! And today is day 2 of Featherwhisker’s week!

And the scene my sister Rachel is going to be drawing today is of Featherwhisker comforting Poppydawn after the sudden unexpected “death” of Sweetpaw.

When Dappletail makes a comment to Bluefur that is just too real…

I’ll read the scene to you now. It’s on pages 289 through 292 of Bluestar’s Prophecy.

Aw poor Goosefeather… no one likes you anymore.

I actually remember a moment when I was reading Bluestar’s Prophecy and it was the part where Bluefur sees Thistleclaw drenched in blood and knows that she must give up her kits – and she looks over and sees Goosefeather and it seems that he is also seeing Thistleclaw drenched in blood.

But I had totally forgotten that Goosefeather was still alive at this point… and I was just like what. Is he a ghost? Wait no.. he’s still alive.. oh awkward. Uh. H-Hi Goosefeather.

Because, after that foul play prophecy. Featherwhisker just swoops in and totally takes control and does a great job as medicine cat.

Honestly, he’s a great example of a medicine cat that just does his job and is good at it. He’s not a plot device – to have affairs and make drama, he didn’t train as a warrior, he’s just a guy that enjoys helping cats and is good with herbs.

We don’t have many of those, unfortunately. I feel like a lot of medicine cats more recently are only there to give us a medicine cat point of view character to be interesting.

I think these too many medicine cats in one family… in ThunderClan. And truly, I believe Featherwhisker is the last cat to be medicine cat of ThunderClan that wasn’t a friend or family member of Firestar…

Anyways – aside of stating what we already know. That ThunderClan favors Firestar’s lineage too much.

Goosefeather really did fade into the background after everyone stopped listening to him or trusting anything he said.

I’d love to hear in the comments section down below what you thought of Featherwhisker stepping up to fill the place of his absentee mentor. Do you think that the Erins should have killed off Goosefeather sooner or do you think he served a purpose just sitting around gathering dust?

Let me know what you think, down below!

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The Follower says:

Apparently Sweetpaw was still alive and it was in a comma and was buried alive and suffocated then died

єllα тнє нαяρу Ella the Harpy says:

Am I early? Am I? Am I?


Jonathan Coleman says:

Ha! Have fun failing everyone and living the rest of your life with nobody trusting you, Goosefeather!

destiny destiny says:

im one time!

Twilight710 says:

Sweetpaw didn't actually die. She was ina colma. So she died of suffocation when she was buried

IrizzyFrizzy says:

But I love goosefeather ;-;

Wolfkinz 1023 says:

Poor Poppydawn its so sad 💙

gorechan666 says:

very realistic emotions :'o
I have a new speedpaint on my channel too! you can see and evaluate it :3
happy new year!

wolf lover123 Karleen says:

hi and i know im in lateclan now :b

Cindy Wolfey says:


Izzy Wilson says:

Your right about there being drama/Firestar Medicine cats only. I can only hope that Sparkpelt doesn’t have kits.😃

Nuria says:

Am I in OnTimeClan? Or EarlyClan….

Arctic Zone says:

I kinda feel bad for Goosefeather, he just had been doing what he thought he needed to do and lost the trust of his clanmates. When he tried to help his clanmates Featherwhisker gets all of the attention. Im not a fan of Goosefeather but Featherwhisker kinda stole his job

Honeyleaf VA says:

Happy new year!

Kat J says:

Little did they know sweet paw actually was in a coma and suffocated.

Keara Kennedy says:


Pink Fox says:

Goosefeather: best medicine cat in storytelling.

Mousefur Of ThunderClan says:

~ :: Mousepaw gazed amoung the clan members, triumph in her gaze as her mentor Fernsong pressed his tail to her flank :: ~ ~ “ We have won..“ ~ ~ :: SHe quietly annouced, raising a paw just to crash it down :: ~

Mangle The Pirate says:

This made me cry ;-;

Topaasi Petshop says:

I can’t wait for cinderpelt’s week😂 😀

xlervine says:

<sigh> I believe Sweetpaw was in a coma, so got buried alive.

jennyr1972 says:

Well the truth is sweetpaw was in a coma and they buried sweetpaw alive so… Yeah

Moonlight cosplay and exploration says:

While featherwhisker is cool I still love goosfeather XD

jennyr1972 says:

Uh what clan am I in because I am not that late right?

Vani787 says:

Goosefeather's in the background like: "Eh, whatever."

creamy and me says:

Featherwhisker it is day 2

Cat Girls says:

i think this is de best sprrdpaint so far

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