How Does Saitama One Punch the Rain? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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What's This?

Many action movies, shows, and games have shown the impact of big punches, but One Punch Man actually shows you the physics. Just how much power would you need to stop the rain with a PUNCH? Kyle has the weather stopping forecast on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

But how fast does Saitama have to swing his fist to stop a meteor? New mini-episode over on my Insta ( Thanks for watching! — KH

Crow Herald says:

Now do Saitama's "killer move: serious series… serious punch"

Forget a city block, he split sky over the entire damn planet…

Master7Zer0 says:

I wouldn't consider that a hit to the abs like you say Kyle. I'd say that was just the bottom of his chest.

PKMN Trainer Gray says:

but, but, but… the buildings stayed up after his punch

Will Frame says:

Kyle – For Science, you should do 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats, and run 10km/day for three years to see if your hair falls out. Don't forget to leave the AC off in the summer and the heat off in the winter.

abraham ruiz says:

Jason Mamoa (Aquaman in justice league) works out a lot and he still has his hair so I'm sure you're good Kyle 😂

Triwulf1 says:

To the last question you posed, it might be possible to lose your hair due to an excessive build up of DHT, by working out. Although, if you eat right and exercise right it negates it. It also depends on your genes, too.

Screen Fiends says:

The Matrix Revolutions has an awesome super fight with some rain stopping punches.

Thomas Richter says:

Not only the fist velocity must be possible, but the stomach must have enough stoping power to generate such a blast wave, or else, at this speed the fist would pierce right trough the gut…

Themandrel says:

have you talked about the force it takes to stop an earthquake with 1 punch? – Baki the grappler

Marcos Cortez says:

But wouldn't that amount of kinetic energy also destroy all of the surrounding building as well?

Tobias Hübl says:

Here is one question: Is the healing power of Deadpool stronger than the healing power of Wolverine ?

Frank Rodriguez says:

How are you 134 episodes in, yet you're still on Season 1? Lol.

Most shows have 10-20 episodes per season lol.

Cezary Kłosowicz says:

Not EXACTLY what we see in the anime. In the anime the buildings (including glass) are totally unharmed…

izgames playz says:

wouldn't the blastwave of 100 tons of tnt destroy all the building in the radius too

Pooolj says:

now… how much energy would you need to punch the clouds around the world like at the end of the fight with Boros?

TheOverExcitedGamers says:

Wouldn't that destroy the buildings too?

sealcxc says:

OMG!! You missed out on talking about the Mantis Shrimp! The literal real life equivalent of the One Punch Man!!

Stefan Massyn says:

Won't the explosion still blow out at least some windows? I mean, it's 100 tons of TNT. That's a BIG boom.

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