How Strong Could One Punch Man Really Be? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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What's This?

Everyone already knows that One Punch Man is pretty strong, but could his power be even MORE ridiculous? Kyle has a fistful of science on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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‫عبدالرحمن البنا‬‎ says:

I like when you use Arnold Schwarzenegger voice .
please , use it more .♡

Gabriel Blas says:

Here's an interesting topic: HOW DOES KI WORK IN THE DRAGON BALL UNIVERSE?

I've calculated that Vegeta's natural strength (Buu saga) is only comparable to that of the Blue Whale. But it seems that with KI, they can do so much more. For example, blowing up planets, move at crazy speeds, deflecting projectiles and punching through giant boulders. I'm quite confused of what KI really is? Is it physical? A psychic power? Or a combination of both?

Magical Watermelon says:

how much alcohol would the flash need to drink to get wasted

tom washere says:

Superman is stronger

tom washere says:

Superman is stronger

Codie Beagley says:

just realized this guy has to right backwards

nuan king says:

more strong saitama …

Paul Burt says:

Now tell us how the TARDIS works.

Crazmuss says:

May be he will punch dark energy to stop thermal equilibrium one day.

TonyGAMING says:

Nerdist, how does a T1000 terminator hold data?

rmath176 says:

I swear, I thought you were going to mention the mantis shrimp. Lol.

hunt ter says:

so its true that his full serious punch is a equivalent of a bigbang just like the rumor said

Liam Pritchard says:

How does the hulks sonic clap work.

Nien Nunb says:

You fuckin nerd I love ya!

Remmy Canadian says:

SUPERBOY PRIME. one punch man needs to fight him, since SBP punched reality.

ssuo ben says:

he did not check how cool the gravity is he just checked how much force he needs to use to get back to earth without blowing it up

Stephen dela Cruz says:

Dude! You almost broke my mind! 😱 Thinking about felt like I was getting high on laws of physics! Hehe! 😆

The Merry Wolf says:

I don't have Twitter, but do you think you could do an episode on how Genos from OPM works? His core alone could be a lecture.

User Force says:

so nothing in the universe CAN beat him. If anyone who can beat him, it'll become bullshit. So even Goku, Bleach,.. any anime character can't defeat him???

Connor Helbig says:

could the particle accelerator explosion like the flash TV show is it possible

Maureen Norton says:

Here's a Question that's been bugging me , roughly how long could a Xenomorph live

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