How Strong is Luke Cage’s Skin? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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What's This?

Luke Cage’s unbreakable skin is incredible, but how strong would it have to be REALLY be in order to withstand all kinds of punishment including bullets? Kyle does the on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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AyalaMrC says:

Your Ls equation is solving for pressure and has force in the numerator, so we need area in the denominator, but that area should only be pi(d/2)^2 and shouldn't include the thickness.

soverysleepy says:

perhaps a were wolf is on the same 28day cycle as the moon

nuggistrike says:

in the serie ! its sad all 3 layers are super strong ! and its effeckt his mussle mass to ! its in his cells level monding its impussibul to trar appart the cells ! and even if you do they stick them self back in the same order in nana seconds ! that why his skins is that strong ! its literley bonded together and cant be teard appart even the fat layer is bullet proof ! and sins the skin also have to ability to absorb impackt and desperce it all over like som rare metal in marvel you know like a specail shild can do ! his skin it that good ! still in the comic he nearly died of a shock wave in a explostin but in the televison serie ít have no effeckt on him !

Aurayon West says:

I think the LIGHT of the full moon is what most stories refer to. When the moon is at full light, only then, will someone change in to a werewolf. The moon, as we all know, has different cycles where light from the sun reflects off it :)
But that still doesnt make sense. If it is just light from the sun, then why wouldn't they be a werewolf during the day?
I think perhaps it is because the amount of sunlight reflecting off the moon. There is not as much light or radiation, blah, blah blah, so therefore, it's the goldilocks affect. Know what I mean? :)
Not to mention, most werewolves are cursed to change only at that time due to magic or something, so…yeah, haha!

Spamster3212 says:


More like Lycan Subscribe, am I right?

Cutman3030 says:

Lycan Subscribe

Griffin Barbieri says:

In the Netflix series the source of his power is skin modified with CRISPR to be like Abalone shell.

Seiren says:

Hold your fucking horses! kevlar has a higher tensile strength than friggin DIAMONDS?!
I thought diamonds were the hardest material ever? Hardness != tensile strength?

Matt Osborne says:

Lycan-subscribe? :P

June Altea says:

he said lycaN subscribe hahahaha!

Bo Builds says:

question. remember in the "why doesn't ironman's suit kills him?" and you talked about the possibility to have a gel like substance to resist the pressure of the force around him. then could Luke cage skin also have another layer along with the Kevlar substance that acts the same way as the gel to resist the pressure if other impacts? please respond

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