How Would You Build a Real X-Wing? (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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Star Wars has had a huge influence on pop culture and eventually even real life technology! So what would it take to make a real life piece of Star Wars tech? Kyle gets building on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Nerdist says:

But how do X-Wings turn? NEW mini-ep over on my Insta: — KH

JacobLZP says:

You could have ion powered by a really good power source.

JacobLZP says:

When your so nerdy you knew the answer before he said it but you can maybe have an ION AM hybrid.

Noah Zipin says:

Honestly, don't order from Ultrasabers!! You'll be much better off going with something like SaberForge or even Vader's Vault. Ultrasabers aren't really worth the money for the quality of the saber imo.

Star Solo says:

ok ok. when i built my speeder bike prototype, i looked at tie fighters and thought "radiation and magnetism in space can help carry these things. sort of like gliding in space" so, since the idea came from building eco-friendly motorcycles (and mostly star wars) i used electro magnetism and gyroscopic concepts. needless to say, i didnt get the sponsor (first place was taken by a much simpler concept). but, yeah, thats what i figured. with todays technology, a jet plasma engine

Del R says:


ADHDgaming _8 says:

Also I’m definitely not the only one to state this (I’m just too lazy to look through the comments) but the IE in TIE fighters does stand for ion engines so my theory is the empire found a way to make Very efficient ion engines

ADHDgaming _8 says:

I like the idea of ion engines but could you combine them with the nuclear rockets?

Zak Keith says:

Those "Ah"s sound very Jar Jar

Frederick Marquart says:

How about Babylon 5 star furies?

Kaleban says:

Isn't the explanation for lightsaber "heft" in the blade area handwaved as some sort of gyroscopic effect?

Would the output and field strength of a magnetic field like that create any sort of resistance in a swinging motion?

Also, I'm of the mind that lightsabers don't have any plasma at all. You wouldn't need crystals to "tune" a blade made of plasma, and the plasma color would not be influenced by a bunch of sci-fantasy crystals anyway. I feel like lightsabers are actually just solid versions of ray-shields or force fields in general, and their individual colors are the effect that a focusing crystal has on the energy field. The fields in SW are capable of reflecting or absorbing energy projectiles as well as slagging solid projectiles, can be manipulated around various shapes, and extended into spaces without a pre-existing hull, such as using ray shields to act as temporary confinement like we see in Episode 3. Plus, being able to concentrate that amount of energy into that small of a volume would likely see it able to instantly vaporize all manner of objects, from human limbs to blast door walls.

Phillip says:

yes finally science proves that the true technique for light saber would not be something like Kendo that needs two hands but rather modern sport Saber. Modern Sport saber uses techniques that only require a flick of the wrist or even subtle finger movements. yes unsuitable for a real sword but devastating if the blade were super heated weightless Plasma! Because Science!!!

UnTiedMusicStudio says:

You skipped nuclear thermal engines (NERVA, ROVER) which we actually did test. Size: V Look: X Thrust: V (V==check mark) <– includes both fission and fusion configurations.
Also: fusion for rocket propulsion doesn't need to be over unity, it can be lossy, and we can do it today. Lots of possible configurations

robert lentz says:

You will need maneuvering thrusters around the vehicle in order to move around.

Vollgas H says:


Patrick Johnsen says:

5:54 looks like a hamburger in a flashlight. Lol

Jonny5Fails says:

When you talked about the cost of anti-matter you said “we haven’t been able to produce more energy than we’ve put in.” Well, yeah – the Law of Conservation of Energy says that’s impossible. You can only get as much energy as you put in, and if you’re using it – converting it from potential to kinetic, you actually lose energy.

Also, I have a theory as to why we can hear blasters in space: if we’re assuming that the beams are plasma, then whatever propulsion is being used has to have a higher threshold for heat to prevent it from becoming plasma itself. So, when you fire the blaster, you’re expending a large amount of gas into open space. Because there’s no atmosphere, there’s a huge pressure differential. When the gas is released, it spreads out and disperses unbelievably fast. My theory is that the sound moves through that expansion of gas.

Sofia K says:

I just heard about Because Science being a show!! BUT… it starts at the same time as SCHOOL. i sad 😉

Doug says:

Thank you for mentioning the lightsaber weight thing at the end! I feel like most fights are choreographed as if the actual saber portion had weight.

Ashmay Comics says:

nuclear fusion is impossible.

Matter/antimatter? Get real. We’re never going to explore space. There’s noting out there to find.

Why don’t we focus on things here on this planet? This planet sucks, and we’re on the verge of destroying each other.
Save the fantasy nonsense to fiction, and maybe the species that will take our place.

The Undead Sculptor says:

Kyle. You also have the thrust, the size and the look that i want 😘

Caleb Anderson says:

What if you shoot a bullet through a time portal from the past into the future would it still exist

Barrett Jordan says:

If they're fueled by anti-matter, shooting one down would cause an enormous explosion with a deadly cloud of shrapnel, and you could probably do significant damage to any large ship just by running into it

The MaskedGeek says:

Anti-matter: the holy grail of space travel. Do you possibly think dark matter is anti-matter?
(By the way, did I ever say I love you? No homo. Your videos are awesome and the only reason I'm subbed to Nerdist.)

Raheli Art says:

…And I could have gotten away with it, if it weren't for that meddling SURPRISE LIGHTSABER!

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