It was an ACCIDENT! – Leopardstar: Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

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What's This?

Leopardfur is very angry at Graystripe after this, and she never truly forgives him for killing her apprentice.

She remains distrustful of him even once he’s joined RiverClan. Which is probably wise. Because he’s not a very loyal RiverClan cat.

I’d love to hear in the comments section down below what you would do if you were in Leopardfur’s place. You ran out to defend your territory from trespassers and it’s Fireheart and Graystripe. You know – the ones who think they have free reign on the territory of all four Clan, because they’re sooo helpful and nice, always doing super secret missions. Then your apprentice falls over the gorge! Rude! Whiteclaw was a cool dude, probably – I mean, we only get to know him for the second before he dies. Why’d they kill a character nobody even knew and then make a big deal about it for like all of the rest of the first series? Why not kill a cat that we’ve met at gatherings and become more attached to? I don’t know. Do you know?

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Mist Bell says:

You are so talented

AbbyGaming says:

Theory: What if Whiteclaw never died? I know, I know. It's cannon that's he's deceased but…what if he never actually died. Renember in A Dangerous Path, Bluestar fell in the gorge and drowned, BUT Mistyfoot and Stinefur jumped in to save her, they survived. So did Fireheart…so why not Whiteclaw? He can swim just as well as Stonefur and Mistyfoot could, so did he REALLY die?

mitten the pirate kitten says:

if i were leapord star i woould pin greystripe too the ground and say this means war

Anaryo says:

Hmm. If I was in Leopardfur's place… I would still defend the territory. And knowing myself, I would get really angry if my apprentice died. 😓

I really like Leopardstar tbh. I saw her as someone who wanted to do what was best for her clan, even if some of her choices were rather frowned upon (mainly the whole TigerClan situation). No one is perfect, and you have to make mistakes in order to learn from them.

EchoedSong says:

I would be like: "Hey, hey! Yeah, you! You're not a special snowflake! Okay, bye~!" c:

XxGreen Tea FrapxX says:

I know Pinkbunnybae*cough*girl43 will never c this but shrug I shall say this poem(wait is it a poem??) anyways;


'God is a pencil, Lily and Rachel are highlighters, God drew the world, they made it brighter.'

pls notice me senpie :'^(

Septic Shock says:

I think Leopardfur and Whiteclaw were mates.

The Bus Squaders says:

Check out my audition please

The Bus Squaders says:

Check out my audition please

Hannah Braun says:

do you have all the warriors books?

Enjoyable Muffins says:

i wodn bam him

creepergirlyt says:

Whitepaw looks like Scourge, but if Scourge was that cat, this would not be an accident.

Pan Chan says:

Leapord fir also loves him

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