Jay Leno’s Cat Video

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What's This?

Everybody loves a cat video, including Jay Leno! He brought one to share with Ellen.

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SafetySpooon says:


Marige OBrien says:

When it comes to which is smarter, it's like comparing men and women. They're both smart, just in different ways. I always thought they're meant to complement each other. In fact, when I was very little I thought cats and dogs were the male and female of the same species. Think on it.

Nadia says:

really cute! and so true 😉

Lord Dabs says:

btw my cat plays fetch. hes a beast

Lord Dabs says:

hate to say it. but black and white is symbolism

mari geo says:

My favorites: Jay, Ellen and cats!

It's A.M time says:

It does not matter who is smarter. All that matters is that you should love your cat/dog and you should treat them well

Nathan Forester says:

I always thought he was a dog person because I saw a stand-up show he did on here in which he was talking about the differences between cats and dogs and how he seems to favor dogs more than cats. But i'm glad he's a cat lover.

Jacob Videos says:

"100% real cat (no edit) blows leaves like a boss 2k16 prank (gone sexual)"

ninesimpletask says:


BlackNinjaWohoo says:

Cats smarter then dogs or dogs smarter then cats i dont give a damn.. They both look the same to me yeah a pet.. .-.

Doobie says:

Some breeds of dogs are smarter

Jannette says:

the cat just took a leaf blower cant stop laughing >.<

Fergus Yau says:

LOL that dog

breezebro says:

Jay's a cat lover, another reason he's so likeable.

GeekCla says:

That was unexpected funny

TastyWaffle says:

Cat's aren't that dumb. neither are dogs, it's just that cats do not obey as easily because they are very proud. However you can't really compare them because everyone's different.

Halu says:

I love dogs over cat, but this video is funny as fxxk!!! LOL Come on people, take it easy

iamrhea98 says:

we got our dog from the shelter and one time we locked the door and first she jumped up and unlocked it and then she jumped up and opened it…so bye

MisterDevos says:

Cats are definitely not smarter. They're are selfish, mean and lazy imo. DOGS 4 LIFE

Baby Noah says:

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!!!!

kadva99 says:

People don't say that dogs are smarter, they just say they're more lovable.

Aidee Lobo says:

My cat is very smart every time he goes outside and wants to come back he hits the front door with his paws so he could open. I also really like dogs though I never had.

Patty Stack says:

Wow, a lot of uneducated opinions here in this particular comment section

Matt says:

My cat is a complete moron. Sometimes I think he doesn't have a brain. I had 2 dogs and they were both very smart and learned tricks easily

cori sharer says:

my cat actually does play fetch, and brings the ball back to you.. silly girl

xX_Majestic_Xx says:

I think retrievers are the cutest even when they're old.

bluewhale18 says:

Dogs > cats
End of story.
No discussion.

Caoimhe Kitty says:

My dog can open doors . He jumps up , puts up his paws on the handle and opens it

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