LOST re-enacted by Cats in 1 minute.

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What's This?

The entire series of LOST recapped by cats. Follow me here: http://twitter.com/tremendousnews or email dee ‘at’ tremendousnews.com

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Dee Sean says:

Lmao “you’re everybody” but this is still my favorite show

Krista Hansen says:

Yeahhhhh I wanted this to be prrrrfect. Haha. But as soon as Kate cat is
Claire its kinda obvs you don’t know what you’re doing. It made me sad and

Gd Flo says:

Lol pretty funny obviously the cat labeled kate is claire, still funny

LOST re-enacted by Cats in 1 minute.: http://youtu.be/G-DShnvNNv0

TheSwirlGuys says:

(first) time u r everybody (seconded) time u r everybody except me because
I’m dead

Conor O'Carroll says:

you used Kate instead of Claire

BunnysBarrelGirl says:

@scoobyrds she said that because that was the only thing worth remembering

fictionalawesomeness says:

Love you7r videos…Funny writing+cats+interesting topics= :)

V Hammond says:

Hell yeah, it was worth it.

Vader3123 says:

You all everybody! ‘Cept me, cause I’m dead.

Jeremy Ross says:

@VigilanteNighthawk You know JJ Abrams just developed the premise of the
show and actually didn’t write the series right? Know what what you’re
talking about before you comment:P

Amazingly Exquizite says:


Bass Sistah says:

ROFL … nuff said Dude

Ezine Anderson says:

“..to protect a light from a cloud, seriously” Haha LOL XD


kate isnt claire

xxxnwahsxxx says:


redfog42 says:

WoW I understand it all now.

GrinningTurtle42 says:

@sootboy24 No he didn’t don’t you remember him walking right passed his
body at the end of LA X?

The Adobe Empire says:

‘I died and became an annoying cloud’

stayalivesweetheart says:



I loved Lost, and thought this video was pretty damn funny, if a bit off. 😛

Tina Pino says:

OK that was funny

Sara D. says:

omg this video killed me!! soo funny!!

SamuliSoma says:

That’s Claire, not Kate in 0:41

YouMalachi says:

Thumbs up if you miss Lost

Leon nichols says:

All im sorry

Axel Schultz says:

@retardkid4040 I made sense to people with useless brains that believe in
religious fairy tales

polnatista2410 says:

Chicken Dippers

jeg15 says:

You got some lolcats mixed up. ‘Kate’ should be switched with ‘Claire’.
Nice vid though 😀

SprungTV says:

epic lol!

MavisRileyJunior says:

“Im having a ba-by” xD

jasonstorey1985a says:

lol that was funny lmao

Adam Bradford says:

YOU ALL EVERYBODY! Sept for me, cuz Im dead xD

Winkberry says:

Considering that even JJ Abrams has admitted there was absolutely no
direction or overarching plot to the writing, and that they made it up as
they went along, I think it should be fairly clear to everyone with half a
brain by now that Lost was not some brilliantly orchestrated piece of
master fiction. It was a fluke that had enough plot twists and teasers to
keep people coming back mixed with some eye candy for everyone. Definitely
an accomplishment, but not exactly high art.

deederfly says:

LMFAO!!! XD We no speak english!!! My baby!!! Hahahaha

JadesVidz . says:

LOOL “I managed to get fatter on a deserted island” 😛

Joseph R. Biden says:

the only thing that kate says after six seasons “Sawyer and I had sexual
intercourse.” xD

xllaauurrreennxo says:


Genevieve Christou says:

@retardkid4040 and enough time to watch every single episode

llamaoffspring says:

@Sable1991 “My baby! Jack’s my brother. My baby.”

d3g3n3r4t3 says:

this is awsome

holzkopf1 says:

hurley-cat’s second statement is legendary 😀

DrCorruptJimmy says:

… I died and became a cloud… Wait wait wait wait… Wat… is that…
Wat? I currently am confuse face over this.

weeknight74 says:

holy crap i just lol’d so hard

Sharane Alvarez says:

LMAO, this made my day! Thank you so much! XD

turbotoby3000 says:

Claire not kate

IBehappy4ever says:

Alright then

Patty4580 says:

@Winkberry I COMPLETELY agree. However, isn’t that what a good TV show is
all about? Keeping you coming back for more? I think when it comes to a
feature film production, there needs to be a definite sense of direction,
but that’s a lot harder to do on a TV Series, since it’s ‘survival’
ultimately depends on ratings… Definitely “not exactly high art”, but I
think no TV Series whith only one main plot is… and cosidering all the
elements of production, this was one of the best I’ve seen!

cousinsara says:

I wish there was a desmond “See you in another life brutha!”

NatePredmoreMusic says:

the kate cat looks like kate lol

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