Minecraft Warrior Cats Roleplay Episode 1: Well I just died…

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What's This?

Hope you guys enjoyed sorry for the lack of uploads but I still have an episode of LPS to upload

Here is the IP for this awesome roleplaying server:

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Kitty Pokemon says:

HAHA 69 comments :D

Kitty Pokemon says:

ATTENTION. You have to play in 1.7.9 to go on and the new Ip is

Kitty Pokemon says:

Attention EVERYONE! They changed the IP to this wonderful server to

TheGameing Toitle says:

that white thing was a tardis that person must like doctor who

Kitty Pokemon says:

To who ever is pondering, my warrior name is Flufftail, I am now a part of

Leah Faith says:

This looks awesome! I love warrior cats (I’m currently rereading all 24
books). I going to check it out. I’m so glad I found you!

Kitty Pokemon says:

+josh landry It is doing updates right now so wait like 1 week or so..

lilliana wimberley says:

I dont know how to put the stuff like servers like this onto mine craft :(

Sarah The Baby Fox says:

lmao the popsicle picture made my day!

aquaheart 1 says:

u evil person u hunted on my clans territory (jk jk dont sue dont sue)

Allysse AJ says:

I joined a clan, and it said i was mining on ‘territory’. Much confuse

Breezy Wolf says:

Omg lol, I was in that server, I got banned for no reason. That server is
like the best RPG I’ve ever been on. :U

Echo Song says:

Love warriors know many things 😀 it shadow clan wind clan thunder clan
and river clan

Olesya Marusenko says:

hi, please whitelist me olesya2002, i added your server code

Rachel Kaye says:

o-o i know someone called charlie cooper and he goes out with a girl
called ashley i think

Jordan's world says:

Do you have a seed for that world??

burger bunny says:

how old are you are you like 10 or 9?

aquaheart 1 says:

this place i awesome i have played on it

Dinodragon04 Persen says:

Kitty Pokemon what is your minecraft username?

Sky Cat says:

I dont think thats how you spell Dustail, there is only one t.

Madison Johnson says:

What is love baby don’t heart me

Maximino Maya says:

kitty pokemon, i love the way how you don’t like the curse words!

Kate Fitzpatrick says:

I have new version, 1.8.1. I bought computer version just to play on that
server! : (

Olesya Marusenko says:

i subscribed to ur channel

Jossie TheTomboy says:


Sniper 631 says:

will they update the server!?!

grittykitty1 says:

I would like to join but I accidentally loaded 1.8, when will you update
the server to 1.8?

JoshuaratAJ says:

That’s a tardis

Sierra Maurer says:

I think that this roleplay is being updated if not maybe there taking it
down? :|

Angie Favila says:

I need to get this server!

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