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What's This?

soo…yeah. but now it’s summer so I don’t have to deal with this!

Thanks for watching!
camera: canon eos rebel t6i
-body gold by oh wonder
-sneaky snitch by kevin macleod
-hollywood by leowi


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Madison Grace says:

I have seen a lot of comments about this – my schedule had 3 day rotations, on day 1's I had science after lunch, on day 2's I did not have science, and on day 3's I had science after gym.

Bxby Mxddie says:

This isn’t really related to the story, but my PE coach is a bitch lmao. He just yells at people all the time. He needs to take a chill pill lollll. One time it was so cold and we had to suit up, but I didn’t feel like it since it was too cold. (keep in mind I never had a non-suit until that day) I go to role call with no pe clothes on. (btw one kid behind me almost never dressed) He sees me with no pe clothes on, and he kinda yells “Where are your pe clothes?” In front of everyone. I replied with “Huh?” Because I didn’t know what to say. He says “You know exactly what I said. Don’t come into my class saying ‘huh’ or you’ll get to sit with your counselor” or something like that. Again, this was my first non-suit. After role call, we go into the gym since role call is outside on the field. My best friend and I sit near the basketball courts just talking when my pe coach comes up to me and starts yelling. One thing I remember him saying was “Where are your clothes” again and I say “in my locker” and he says “I’m gonna call home if you do this again” and I’m just like okkkk. I was scared of him obviously bc he’s a cranky old man that no one likes. Then he walks away. My best friend and I exchange very confused looks. She also knows I never had a non suit before. We just got our 5 week report cards and for pe one of the comments is “has too many non dresses” and I’m like wtf because I’ve only had one?! Anyway, I just felt like ranting lol

Ela Riley says:

When you sed bun I herd butt

Felicia Pringle says:

Ugh at my school there’s a substitute that btw everyone hates and I’m going to tell you why. Everyone hates him cause he is super pervy. There’s this one girl in my class (let’s call her jaya) and this sub (let’s call him Mr. B), whenever he’s helping her with work or whatever he’ll like touch her lower and in a creepy way he will say stuff to her like how’s her day been or when he’s helping her Mr. B would go really close to Jaya. There’s more to the story but I’m too lazy to type more but I just wanna say you aren’t alone.

Savage Roblox says:

Your intro is litt

JesyLittleMix Nelson says:

Watches intro
Subscribes and likes video immediately

Alyssa Lee says:

What a creep

bts army jongkook says:

My science teacher is a perv too😳😳

Kristina Plays Msp says:

Am I reading ur subs wrong? 5k?? Why not 5M?

Sayuri Lepe says:

"can I squish your bun"

Sayuri Lepe says:

not cool mr.brown

Jayda Smith says:

Oooh she said bun
Thought she said butt because that’s just creepy

kyle dodd says:


Mercuria 2 says:

A teacher at my school got sacked because he pretended to measure people’s skirts as an excuse to look up them which is just stupid to think that just because he thought he’d get away with it. Just because they are young does not mean that someone would have an advantage over them it just makes me so mad😫

Caitlin Roberts says:

Im a new sub and from now on im gonna watch all your videos Xx Im low key obsessed 😂❤️

Kaydence Smith says:

Dude. I had a teacher like this in 8th grade

Tegan McGrail says:

"can i squeeze your bun" WTF

Jazlyn Gaines says:

We always go into the gym in other classes

TheAverageBren says:

Ew 🤢🤮

aislinn ; says:

"Can I squeeze your bun?" 😂😂😂

Neve Connolly says:

When you said “can I touch your bun” I thought you said butt😂

Queen snow tiger Deal with it says:

Why would he look at her butt in the first day? Perv alert 🚨🤫🤫🤫

Destiny B says:

You look so uncomfortable while filming this lol

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