My Top 20 Favourite Warrior Cats

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What's This?

Hello, everyone! It’s Koroda, and I am back! I’m presenting you with my top 20 favourite Warrior Cats from the book series The Warriors by Erin Hunter.

Just to clarify, this is MY OPINION. Please, no nasty comments, like, “Why is there no Spottedleaf?” or “Why do you like Tigerstar, he’s stupid.” If too much of this happens, I will have to approve comments, and we don’t want that. I definetly don’t. I try not to be too restricitve or annoying, but I really, really don’t want to have to put up with haters. Well, feel free to tell me your favorite Warrior Cat (kindly).

Well, I hope you all like my video. This is my third one, and there will be more to come. Is there anything you want me to do a Top 10 etc on? This can be my opinion or actual information. If so, comment below or email me at

I feel like I’m putting a heavy burden on you! Well, sorry about that, I have so much to say. It takes a lot to be friendly in Koroda’s Way (Which isn’t the best way).

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Courtney Perrin says:

Mine: 5. Yellowfang 4. Jaypaw/feather 3. Brambleclaw 2. Cinderpelt 1…

Nicholas Myeaah says:

Da best cats:
10: Brambleberry (One of the few actually responsible medicine cats, quiet
and clam.)
9: Barley: (A kind, respectful, and grateful cat who lives in peace with
the clans despite his history with BloodClan.)
8: Firestar: (You may argue that this is cliche, but Firestar is just such
an actually smart leader, without a doubt the best leader in leading
7: Thornclaw: (One of my favorites, was calm and respectful until Erin
pulled a 180 on his personality and made him the new Dustpelt)
6: Spottedleaf (A smart, fair, and responsible medicine cat who was okay
until she led Firestar while rebuilding SkyClan, then she was just fucking
5: Honeyfern (Just generally cute and likeable)
4: Ashfoot (Notice I didn’t say Ashfur. Ashfoot was the calm and respected
deputy of Windclan when Onestar became leader. Unlike most of the sour cats
from windclan, she’s quite a friendly one, but not in a bad way as we saw
with Crowfeather and Heathertail.)
3: Longtail (The sexiest cat)
2: (just BARELY below 1) Scourge (Why did they never bring him back? Why
did they leave it to manga adventures to so very lightly provide proof that
Scourge is Firestar’s half-brother?)
1: Jayfeather (Unlike most cats, not a fucking idiot. Ability is creative
and most likely to be considered the leader of the three (Or I guess four))

Abby Kurtz says:

Listed with their defining moment books:
20. Pinestar (Bluestar’s Prophecy)
19. Boulder (The Darkest Hour)
18. Ravenpaw (The Heart of a Warrior)
17. Feathertail (Moonrise)
16. Hawkfrost (Sunset)
15. Squirrelflight (Midnight)
14. Cloudstar (Firestar’s Quest)
13. Whitestorm (The Darkest Hour)
12. Crowfeather (Twilight)
13. Brokenstar (Yellowfang’s Secret)
12. Tigerstar (Forest of Secrets)
11. Brightheart (A Dangerous Path)
10. Smokepaw (N/A ‘cuz he fell off a mountain then came back to life in the
next book)
9. Cinderpelt (A Dangerous Path)
8. Yellowfang (Yellowfang’s Secret)
7. Barley (Into the Wild)
6. Sandstorm (Fire and Ice)
5. Millie (The Lost Warrior)
4. Graystripe (A Dangerous Path)
3. Firestar (The Darkest Hour)
2. Bluestar (Into the Wild)
1. Spottedleaf (Into the Wild)

Emily Tomaszewski says:

My List:
10. Sagewhisker
7. Cedarstar

Trayton Acosta says:

5. Tigerstar (who said they had to be good guys?)
4. Brambleclaw
3. Lionblaze
2. Firestar
1. Jayfeather

Kylie Parker says:

My top 20:
20. Jayfeather (ThunderClan, Medicine Cat)
19. Hawkheart (WindClan, Medicine Cat)
18. Barkface (WindClan, Medicine Cat)
17. Russetfur (ShadowClan, Deputy)
16. Shrewclaw (WindClan, Warrior)
15. Shrewtooth (SkyClan, Warrior)
14. Mapleshade (ThunderClan, Warrior [Exiled])
13. Goosefeather (ThunderClan, Medicine Cat)
12. Hailstar (RiverClan, Leader)
11. Stumpytail (ShadowClan, Warrior)
10. Lionheart (ThunderClan, Warrior)
9. Willowbreeze (RiverClan, Warrior)
8. Rainwhisker (ThunderClan, Warrior)
7. Mudfur (RiverClan, Medicine Cat)
6. Sorreltail (ThunderClan, Warrior)
5. Ferncloud (ThunderClan, Queen/Warrior)
4. Mistystar (RiverClan, Leader)
3. Tallstar (WindClan, Leader)
2. Stonefur (RiverClan, Deputy)
1. Crookedstar (RiverClan, Leader)

Shiloh Kinz2013 says:


Darkdragon110aj says:

Here my list
30. Whitestorm
28. Cloudtail
27. Brightheart
26. Scourge
25. Mosskit ( died at the travel to Riverclan border in Leafbare to meet
Oakheart for him to take the kits )
24. Hollyleaf
23. Ashfoot
22. Ashfur
21. Spottedleaf
20. Yellowfang
19. Longtail
18. Briarlight
17. Mousefur
16. Cinderpelt
15. Brook Where Small Fish Swim
14. Gray Wing
13. Willowbreeze
12. Silverflame
11. Lionblaze
10. Silverstream
09. Bluestar
08. Graystripe
07. Feathertail
06. Brambleclaw
05. Squirrelflight
04. Leopardfur
03. Mistystar
02. Stonefur
01. Jayfeather
00. Halfmoon
lol i know 00. is a thing for me dont judge

warrior cat lover warrior cat fan says:

I agree with this list. My favorite are 10. Cinderheart 9. Lionblaze. 8.
Heathertail 7. Leafpool 6. Crowfeather 5. Firestar 4. Silverstream 3.
Sandstorm 2. Spottedleaf and 1 iss yellowfang!

Kerry says:

My top five:
And number one: SPOTTEDLEAF!!!!!!!!!
She is the best!!!!!! :3

Crookedstar of RiverClan says:

My #1 favorite cat is Crookedstar

Aylin Avcioglu says:

My1 is Jayfeather and my 2 is Firestar

Howard Hisdal says:

Lion blaze is always my least favourite

Kira Mauder says:

My favorite is snowfur

Crazy Horse says:

I actually screamed when Whitestorm was on there he is my fav I cried
because he died


Did leafpool die?
Someone please reply

Darkdragon110aj says:


Evelyn Wayda says:

umm.. I cried on yellowfang because he died :'(

RainbowMarshmallowz Jamaa says:

everyone seems to forget are in there! You got whitestorm and i was very
happy but sad i have not seen yellowfang yet but after thinking that i saw
raggedstar and i was all YAY THATS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! then when first came
idied YELLOW FANG 😀 THE BEST CAT EVER 😀 I think i’m gonna make you a
youtube shoutout i’m seriously not kidding XD

Ally lucy says:

I luv cinderpelt whitestorm mistystar bluestar and leafpool to!

firestar and eevee :3 says:

I totally agree with #8 lol its me!

Claire Myers says:

My List: (I only read the first one so far)
5. Bluestar
4. Ravenpaw
3. Graystripe
2. Fireheart
1.Yellowfang :)
Here’s an one of my least favorite cats, FREAKING TIGERCLAW!!!!!!!! I see
why you like him but, jeez he’s a jerk. :(

LPS SugarHusky says:

my favorite number one cat is: Snowfur

Allie Pryor says:

My favorite is Jayfeather 

briank06261973 says:

9. Tallstar
5.Nightcloud (don’t hate me)

jzale314 says:


Pandora Akemi says:

I’m a rebel, so I’m making a 21 top favorite list.

21. Tallstar
20. Darkstripe
19. Tigerstar
18. Brokenstar
17. Mousefur
16. Longtail
15. Hawkfrost
14. Willowbreeze (not Willowshine, Willowbreeze)
13. Stonefur
12. Graypool
11. Mistystar
10. Lionblaze
9. Ivypool
8. Bluestar
6. River
5. Gray Wing
4. Jayfeather
3. Hollyleaf
2. Cinderpelt
1. Mapleshade.

Glaceon LOVER says:

I agree although my number one would be spottedleaf!

CandyCorn AJ says:

That was great! I agreed with most of he cats on the list, some I didnt
read about yet though like Jayfeather. I have a suggestion hough, and he
end write “May Starclan light your path.”

❄LittleGlaceon❄ says:

Yellowfang is my bae 030

chris hlavac says:

yes yes yes, I love yellowfang! she is number 1 your awesome

Eric Whittaker says:

Omg my favorite is longtail firestar is my second and ravenpaw was my third
and it goes on buddy me on aj I’m micaelapink

rockey555 says:

I absolutely LOVE Yellowfang she is my favorite!!!

Rytis Onusaitis says:

Yay my favourite war cat is yellowfang. :3

Evelyn Wayda says:

I have been forgetting because it was that sad :(

Camille Nece says:

I always have loved Yellowfang and wish she didn’t ever die but Ravenpaw is
my favorite cat ever! Even though he ran from Tigerstar the evil rat, I
don’t think of him a coward and wished that Tigerstar had been killed
sooner ;~;

Brooklyn Kelly says:

My fav is firestar 

scourge the killer cat says:

Just to u know scourge is my favorite 

stormy star says:

And I agree that yellowfang is best and that brokenstar is the most evil!!!
but I still think that bluestar tied with yellow fang

Marian Icuc says:

I love yellowfang!

c czech says:

what the I thought Firestar never dies and plus Brambleclaw never wanted to
be leader I am on book 2 of the power of three I love warrior cats!

SnowyDragonHunter says:

Fun fact. TallShadow made shadowclan, not shadow

AwesomeSuperClaw〈3 says:

My updated list of favorites…
10: Squirrelflight
9: Leafpool
8: Tallstar
7: Graystripe
6: Bluestar
5: Silverstream
4: Lionblaze
3: Hollyleaf
2: Yellowfang
1: Brambleclaw :)

Oceany 566 says:

My favorites WITH REASONS XD
1 PINESTAR he’s a kittypet leader
2 squirrel flight the besttttt
3 Scoruge he’s awesome but evil
4 fire star handsome cute but yeah
5 dovepa just wow he best
6 rave paw jumpy cute ADORABLE
7 white storm I just love him
8 snow fur she’s so cute funny and sweet
9 graystripe He’s so love able caring and amazing

Carissa Garic says:

Why is Tigerstar BEFORE Brightheart?!?!?!?!?!

shayla wolflover says:

I am biggest fan of scourge no one can be bigger that my first favorite 

JayFeathersRevenge says:

Yellowfang rockz!!! But Jayfeather is like sooooo much better than her. (
no offense ) and so like yea … i forgot what i was going to say …
OOPPPSSSS … But still this is good :D

Claire Myers says:

No, number six is Bluestar, (still love her though) 5 is Spottedleaf. WHY

Tarah Knabe says:

i freakin love yellowfang brightheart and bluestar but i cant figure who is
my fav… bluestar or scourge

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