Nostalgia Critic Real Thoughts On – Cats and Dogs

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What's This?

I mean come on, the guy who directed Son of the Mask MUST have made a good movie here, right? Doug and Rob explain the horror.

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ihate names says:

even when i was 11 i was disappointed by this movie, it might be the first movie i watched that made me realize movies could be terrible, i mean i had seen terrible movies before then but this might have been the first one i was actually disappointed by

edit: no, wait found another that disappointed me before cats and dogs – the grinch (2000)

cesarjimenezanimator says:

I was actually dragged to see this movie… and it TERRIFIED me in a way! Nowadays, it's not as bad as I remember it, but the freaky factor is still in there. And then I find out that this movie came from the same guy who directed "Son of the Mask"… and that explained a lot.

EarthHound says:

Where's your RT on Heavy Metal? You have a lot to apologize for.

MyLifeInAFlamingBag says:

I actually like Toby McGuire.

Prudentpit Gaming says:

I remember this movie

Michael Logan says:

I will go into debt for the rest of my life to finance the remake of Cat and Dogs with Bill Pullman

lisambofoh says:

I'm distracted by the Royal Diaries book behind them.

Definitely Catherine says:

Jeff Goldblum had a really funny cameo on Friends.

Eric Stevenson says:

Best part is the very end.

Alex Ibanez says:

Mr. Tinkles was played by Sean Hayes

Goku x Sephiroth says:

Oh, I love a good Goldbloom slap fight between bros!

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