Off to the Cutter’s… – Warrior Cats Speedpaint

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What's This?

Poor Smudge, off to lose his manliness. What funny vet experiences have you had with your pets?

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Angelika_ Wolf says:

my bunny follow only my leg ._.

Diggydoggirl says:

Poor Smudge. He got fixed ._.

Kitty Pepper says:

Smudge did follow RustyFirepaw into the wild secretly he took the name Swiftpaw and got killed by a dog 😭😭😭😭😭

egyptiancattoo says:

its funny because i have a big dog. every time we go to the vet to get her check up they always almost drop her. i love that they sometimes remember her because then you squat down and she sprints her wiggly body into the vets arms. addie is funny.

Rachelthefluffycat says:

When my mom brought my cat to be fixed he hid behind me LOL

Chuchupikachu TheGamer says:

XD that vet name was perfect

Fely36 says:


Hana of Night pack says:

My cat has claws and doesn't scratch people but on her way to the cutters she freaked out and was like claw her way to freedom but after I got a hold of her she went in the cage no problem ask and just stood in the cage with the door open for my other cat who was over weight we but he need to go to the cutters so he was the worst problem he scratched everyone and hissed he is also like 27 pounds so he was heavy I was thinking dear lord help us now!!

Wolfie _0257. says:

So relatable! XD

KoolKeldeo 105 says:

I didn't see this happen, but my dad told me. So he took my black cat, Kunai, to the vet to get fixed. When he got home, he opened the cage, and Kunai ran out, only to end up on the floor, unable to get up because she was still under drugs.

Kitty Pepper says:


Chloe Phillips says:

A funny vet story is I was in the waiting room with my dog and her claws were unsheathed and she was so scared she jumped on me to got to my mom and it hurt so much as she walked across my lap thank god I wasn't wearing shorts that day 😂

Leah Gotts says:

My cat has to go to the vet soon and my Mom is dreading it

Selah Thompson says:

Minus 100000000000 man points. Also, pink, have u tried the warrior cats RPG? It's on Erin hunters website. It's printable

Awesome_Kitty101 says:

One time my guinea pig peed on the counter at the vet

Nate Grace says:

Wake me up! Wake me up insiiiiiide! I can't wake up! (Smudge: SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEE!)

xxX Wind Breeze Xxx says:

my dog peed in the vets office before, and then she took a dookie


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