Orbeez Grow in What?! – Orbeez Science Experiment | Official Orbeez

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What's This?

Orbeez in Ketchup?! What?!! Find out if Orbeez can grow in anything else than water with Orbeez Girls!

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Ashley Von Sherelet says:

Why is mouth wash so gross to these girls?

celine bean says:

That was super cool and smart

Evelyn Rojas says:

mouth wash]

Skyler Dorn says:

I love you guy's

Rachel Emanuela says:

Wow cool video Orbeezone I was waiting for this to come

AngieMations says:

Instead of saying "Ew, that's gross" you should say "How interesting!" Because it seems that you kinda don't like science

maría jesús bravo gonzález says:

I remember when in Chile Orbeez (but with other name; "Crecencios") was furor. It was a good chilhood.

Anayeli Gutierrez says:

I love orbeez because they are different colors

Brooke Brealey says:

hi how are you

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