Good thing he’s indestructible. Clip from s01e06, “Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still” from Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey
Este é um pequeno trecho do final do debate, onde algumas perguntas da platéia são discutidas entre eles.
A husband and wife discovered a baby fox stuck in a field and in dire need of help. The poor little fox was severely dehydrated, weak, and had a bloody wound to its neck. Luckily, the wife is a veterinarian, and the couple are both vaccinated against rabies. They opted to bring the injured fox pup back to their house, where they could nurse it back to health. After a few days of the fox’s recovery, the couple took it to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Virginia.  It spent six months in an outside area, getting bigger and stronger before ultimately [More]
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Faqja në FACEBOOK | Vizioni & Libonia 2013
After having his emotion chip activated, Data finds everything amusing. From the 1994 movie, “Star Trek: Generations”.
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