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Math is the language of cats, and it is they who first discovered the so-called Fibonacci sequence. No, it wasn’t the Indian mathematician Pingala, nor Leonardo of Pisa. Cats got it first, but they called it the Furbonacci sequence! Inspired by this image on Imgur, Bored Panda has decided to collect its own list of cats fitting into the Golden Ratio. Since all cats are perfect, but some cats are more perfect than others, vote! Or submit your own below. We too have a cat that that strikes a pose while she waits for us This is my 5 year-old [More]
The downside to digital photography is that, while you can take many more pictures, you’re less likely to print them. Successful start-up Prynt has changed that with their Polaroid-like case. The 150 USD device attaches to your phone and thermally prints zinc photo-strips; as a bonus, each photo unlocks an augmented reality video that can be viewed through the Prynt app. “Nowadays people take thousands of pictures with their cell phone, but they never look at them,” says founder Clément Perrot. “So we decided to create an object that will let them share pictures with their friends and family in [More]
Check out the road to Victory ! — Antonio Brown (@AntonioBrown84) May 2, 2012 Here’s a day in the life of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio brown. He documents his long daily bike ride to work, takes us inside the Steelers locker room and let’s us watch parts of his workout. Read more:
The “arms up” scene from Platoon may be one of the most iconic movie moments from the 20th century.  Willem Dafoe has been betrayed by Tom Berenger and left to die in the jungle.  Berenger’s lies are exposed to the rest of the platoon when Dafoe emerges from the tree line, only to be shot dead by the VC a few yards from the evacuation chopper.  The Smithsonian Channel asks the question, could you survive three shots to the chest at close range from an M-16 and then run to a helicopter? The post Could the infamous scene from Platoon [More]
Here’s how to make a Snowball Machine Gun that can fire 13 snowballs in .5 seconds. It’s a must have in any self-respecting Uncle’s arsenal.
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After reading that story about FB censoring pictures of Grayson Walker I wouldn't pay $1 for all of their stinkin stock. — Cheryl Eleni (@CherEleni) May 19, 2012 The Facebook IPO was not a universally celebrated event in the Twittersphere. Many users marked the occasion tonight by spreading word of how the social network outrageously yanked a mother’s Facebook account for paying tribute to her baby son Grayson Walker with photos. Grayson lived 8 hours before succumbing to complications from anencephaly. She was told her photos were “offensive.” Everyone should watch this story. God bless baby Grayson & the Walker [More]
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