Funny Cats Compilation January 2015. Funny Plox.
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James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner – Now in its 4th edition, THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE continues to be an authority on the subject of leadership. Watch this interview for essential tips.
Norman Schwarzkopf: People need to understand what leadership is all about. Leadership is not managing an organization. Organizations are made up of people. Leadership is motivating people. Leadership is about people. So, yes. You’ve got to be competent. There’s no question about the fact that you have to have competence to be a leader, but you also have to have character. Good leaders are men of competence and character. Many times character is more important than the competence side of the house. So I tell people that the secret to modern leadership is two rules. Rule 13: When placed in [More]
Best of Funny Cats – Gatti pazzi e divertenti 2013 2014 Best of Funny Cats 2013. The Very Best compilation of Crazy and Funny Cats. Il meglio di Gatti pazzi …
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