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A YouTuber was traveling through Nebraska when he saw something unusual as they were passing another car, it was so unbelievable that they had to pull over and try to get a video. When the car came back around, they get a clear view of the insane sight. A man modified his Ford Crown Victoria four-door sedan to hold a Texas Longhorn bull. The man that recorded this peculiar site said the following: We were driving down the highway on our way to Kolache Days in Verdigre, NE, to play a polka gig, when traffic began to slow down. We [More]
Have you ever been this tired? I’ll preface this by saying I’m usually not a stupid man but I was at the end of my third 16-hour shift in a row, and I was very tired. I’ll make this quick: I got off work, went out to my car, hit the button for the doors on my remote unlocker – as usual. Nothing happened. Locked out of Cari tried it a few more times, the battery must be dead. I stand there for 10 minutes, mashing the little button, hoping for enough juice to open the doors. Nada. I call [More]
Speeding tickets are no fun, but it’s rare that a driver finds themselves in jail over something so common. The woman in this video has already been stopped twice in the same year for the same offense. Now it’s strike three and she faces a 4th degree misdemeanor. To make matters worse, she didn’t have proof of insurance so she called her husband. The video below starts after the husband heads back to his car to look for his copy of her insurance info. The officer explains that she faces 30 days in jail for the misdemeanor, but he’s going [More]
Call me heartless but I think way too many contestant play the cute card when they audition for America’s Got Talent. I bet that’s the reason Simon was rolling his eyes because here they have a girl, cute as a button, and she’s gonna win everyone over and he’s gonna end up being a bad guy telling her she’s not good enough. But then she started singing. Little Celine Tam decided to go with Celine Dion’s most famous song and she did it so well millions of people are swarming AGT’s YouTube channel just to listen to her. goviralhasPoppedUp = [More]
http://twitter.com/#!/iowahawkblog/status/524939552616894464 The left, especially journalists, seem pathologically incapable of seeing Islamic radicalism as the cause of violence in any situation. Islamist fanatics only attack the west because the west has first done something to them. They intentionally ignore the fact that Islam has been a religion of conquest since its beginning. Far-leftist Glenn Greenwald on Ottawa-Quebec terror attacks: au #Canada, you had it coming >> http://t.co/bTTBByqx1s — Dan Gabriel (@danpgabriel) October 22, 2014 Lots of hysterics over this Greenwald post. It's apparently forbidden to explain that actions can have consequences. https://t.co/jN5d4nBhGu — Radley Balko (@radleybalko) October 22, 2014 @radleybalko It’s [More]
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A New York-based Ukrainian photo artist named Anya Anti has taken an old expression most of us remember from childhood and turned it into a stunning visual. Through a process involving a model skeleton, several layered photos, and 3.5 hours of editing, Anti was able to create a piece that gorgeously depicted how she felt inside, and gave it an appropriate title – Butterflies In My Stomach. Show Full Text She first strung a number of artificial butterflies onto a model skeleton, then photographed both herself and the skeleton holding open a cut-out flesh-coloured camisole in the same position. After [More]