Rafael “Ataman” Fiziev is a Muay Thai kickboxer and possible clone of Neo from the Matrix. During a bout in Thailand, his opponent sends a nasty spinning head kick his way, but Rafael’s dodge leaves him with nothing more than the wind in his face. He bends over backwards at the waist before popping back up like an inflatable boxing toy. Watch his impressive maneuver in the video below. The post Kickboxer’s ‘Matrix’ move defies gravity to dodge brutal head kick appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
There’s a new trend in TV and it involves hiring meterologists who work part time as lingerie models. After all, nothing says “expect warm weather” like a thong and a pair of thigh highs. It’s been almost two years since Yanet Garcia claimed the title of World’s Hottest Weather Girl, but now she’s facing some stiff competition. Meet Lluvia Carrillo, the Mexican weather girl who’s first name means “rain” in Spanish. Take a look at her modeling work as well as her broadcast in the gallery and video below. Feliz inicio de semana A post shared by Lluvia Carrillo (@lluvia_carrillor) [More]
Every since we saw Audrey Nethery dance Zumba we fell in love with this cutie. She’s so upbeat and happy, I can totally understand why she has hundreds of thousands YouTube subscribers. That being said, as much as we loved her dance, we’re not so sure about her fashion sense. I mean, those boots are soooo 2016, LOL. Just kidding of course, that was our best impression of the Fashion Police. Audrey’s taste in fashion is spot on and with her little fashion show she raises the cuteness bar. We’ll let her explain what she prepared for her 2017 summer [More]
They say you should never bring your work home, but when you work as a 24/7 care giver it’s impossible not to. Cheryl Levy is an amazing woman, whose job is to take care of the elderly had her fair share of losses, but the most recent one hit her the hardest. She was caring for an 89 year old woman who became her best friend and her mother figure. After she passed, Cheryl slipped into depression and it took incredible strength to pick herself up again. People who know what an outstanding person this lady is thought it was [More]
Saving an animal from certain death is surely rewarding, releasing it back into the wild even more so, but what happened in this video makes my heart sing. It’s a rescue story of a little baby otter that fell into a canal while searching for its mom and dad. He struggled to stay afloat but fortunately he was rescued by a local resident. After waiting for a while for the pup’s parents to return the animal rescue was called. The little guy spent a week there recovering so when they eventually took him out to the beach to release him, [More]
A very simple & quick humor video of these two because i absolutely love them!! PLEASE WATCH IN HD Colouring: i can’t remember sorry, if anybody knows please leave it in the comments Song: it hurts – Bad Bad Habits Fandom: Supergirl Couple: Kara & Mon-El Enjoy!X
Moderatorin Barbara Schöneberger versucht, den Frühling mit einem Blütenzweig herbeizuzaubern! (cad/mbu)
http://twitter.com/#!/cbsbaltimore/status/184063868056768513 From CBS Washington: Perhaps it’s safe to note that Barack Obama has been less popular than “Mad Men” since 2008, the year each took powerful positions in the American psyche. Regardless, the two — previously unconnected — are mashed together in a video produced by the Chris Matthews Show in anticipation of the drama’s season five premiere. Titled “Chief Exec,” the video is a recreation of Mad Men’s opening credits and features the president standing in a disintegrating Oval Office before falling through the air of Rockefeller Plaza while advertisements visualizing his GOP rivals and most threatening domestic issues [More]