A video has been released showing a proud ferret mamma determined to demonstrate her babies to her human – even if that meant grabbing his finger with her mouth and dragging his hand towards her newborns. Now the Internet is going crazy, with some people even commenting this was so sweet, it almost made them cry. Show Full Text Ferret babies are called kits. They’re usually only around 2-2.5 inches long and are born with soft baby fuzz instead of fur. Kits are born blind, deaf and without teeth. Their eyes and ears don’t open until they’re 4-5 weeks old. [More]
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Princess and Rusty as kits! What do you think is the cutest sibling relationship?
5 Weirdest Cat Breeds You Will Ever See! Description: Cats have been domesticated in one way or another for thousands of years. The ancestors of today’s cats initially cozied up to humans because they found easy prey in the rodents and pests that were attracted to grain stores. Humans, in turn, welcomed the pest-controlling felines with open arms. Since then, cat breeding has become a specialized field, with new breeds constantly being developed. We’ve taken an exhaustive look through all of them to proudly bring you a rundown of the 5 most distinctive and weirdest breeds the world. Let’s begin! [More]
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Such a sad and heartfelt scene! I hope you guys enjoy my little speedpaint and chat What sad warrior cats separation story hits you the hardest? I’d love to hear your comments down below!
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It’s never a good idea to say more than you have to, particularly during a traffic stop. After being pulled over for reckless driving, this driver admits to the officer that he was just trying to show off for his buddy. The officer is impressed by his honesty and is willing to let the driver off with a warning. The driver, however, just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Unbelievably, the cop gives him yet another break, and this idiot completely ruins it. Watch and cringe in the video below. The post Cop is ready to cut him [More]