Some will say this is messing up with the tradition but dang, this has to be the most EPIC version of this 65 year old Christmas song. Performed by the band “for King and Country” if features more than one (and not so little) drummer boy, but it’s not the instrument that matters here… It’s the execution. I don’t think I exaggerate when I say this is the only Christmas song I know that could be performed at a Rock concert and the fans would love it. Even if you don’t visit this kind of events, I suggest you give [More]
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How far would you go to convince your parents to let you have a cat? Maybe you’d offer to mow the lawn every week for a month, or wash the car every month for a year. Perhaps you’d promise to improve your grades in school. Or maybe you’d try to guilt trip them by covering a wall of the house with pictures and notes about how they were “killing innocent lives” and “letting cats die alone.” It might sound like a dramatic approach, but that’s precisely what one girl did recently before her older sister Danielle Grubisic, who lives in [More]
Everyone knows that stereotypes aren’t cool, but we can’t avoid buying into them sometimes. And that’s especially true when it comes to bikers. Most of us see these rough-and-tumble ladies and gents as being scary and aggressive, but as it turns out, most biker gangs come together to help members of their communities live their best, safest lives. A group called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), for example, works to protect children from abuse. “We’re that single strand of barbed wire between Hell and happiness for them,” one member explained. Just look at what they did for this girl. A [More]
Max the Great Dane loves cats. Watch and enjoy as Max enjoys his after dinner nap surrounded by his Christmas Hat collection and three of his four cats. The furry family is enjoying a Silent Night by the fireplace and Christmas tree. Mostly silent, except for Max’s snoring
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Check out the Etsy Store! Check out the Ebay Store! … Hello everyone! Today is day 2 of Cloudberry’s week! The scene my sister Rachel is going to be drawing today is a really cool one! Where we’ll first get to see Goosefeather’s abilities in action, while he’s still only a kit! I’ll give you a little a background on what’s happening leading up to this scene. So Cloudberry, asked this apprentice Swiftpaw to help her gather some herbs – and she sent her out earlier in the morning, but never heard back from her. As time passes, [More]
On today’s Star Wars lore video, we examine the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Clone Wars Era Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems to decide which one has the best leadership and Government structure. A Republic supported by the Jedi that survived for thousands of years, versus a Sith ruled Galactic Empire with Palpatine at the helm vs the Rebel Alliance under Mon Mothma vs the manipulated Confederacy of Independent Systems. Which is best? *** Follow me on Twitch: Want to help the channel out? Subscribe: Join the (superfun!) Discord: And follow me on Twitter: Also check [More]