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РЕКЛАМА НА КАНАЛЕ Подпишись Instagram: VK: ОТВЕТЫ НА НЕКОТОРЫЕ ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ ВОПРОСЫ. Как дела? Все отлично,спасибо! Сколько тебе лет? 25 На какую камеру снимаешь? В основном Canon 70D. Canon G7X.Иногда GoPro hero 4 black. Иногда на Iphone. Когда новое видео? Я не робот и не могу генерировать выпуски по щелчку пальцев в определенное время.На появление выпусков влияет много факторов, в том числе и моё желание. Сколько времени уходит на монтаж одного выпуска? По разному. От 1 часа до 6ти. Где ты учился? В школе, потом в колледже. Где ты живешь? В Москве,иногда в Краснодаре. Когда ты взорвёшь [More]
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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the flickering universe, secret technologies and time travel with guest, Richard Lighthouse. As many of us have found by now, obtaining the latest cutting edge research can prove to be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Indeed, they do a tremendous job of keeping us out of the metaphorical loop, by distracting and dumbing us down. And those of us who have managed to slip through the cracks of compulsory schooling and slave labor still have a hard time finding truth, because for years, black ops [More]
We have a total solar eclipse coming up so we invited an eight-year-old science expert from Silver Springs, Maryland named Romanieo Golphin, Jr. to explain what it all means. Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kellyanne Conway About Trump Damage Control SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch Mean Tweets: Connect with Jimmy Kimmel Live Online: Visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live WEBSITE: Like Jimmy Kimmel on FACEBOOK: Like Jimmy Kimmel Live on FACEBOOK: Follow @JimmyKimmel on TWITTER: Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on TWITTER: Follow Jimmy Kimmel Live on INSTAGRAM: About Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy [More]
The Mark 19 grenade launcher is an American made 40 mm belt-fed automatic tool of destruction. Developed during the Vietnam War, the first version of the Mark 19 (Mod 0) was considered too unsafe and unreliable in 1966. By 1972 the Navy had improved the weapon significantly with the Mod 1. By 1983 the US Army adopted the Mod 3, which remains in service even today. The practical fire rate of the Mk 19 is about 60 rounds per minute for rapid fire, or 40 rounds per minute for sustained fire with a maximum distance over 2,400 yards. The US [More]
A group of Alaskan fishermen show how to get things done on a tight schedule in the video below. It may seem like the boat is coming in a bit too fast, but you’re just watching a pro at work. Within seconds the boat is locked in place and ready to leave the ocean, no dock or boat ramp required! The post It takes a brass pair to load a boat at high speed like these Alaskan fishermen appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Everyone is familiar with the bulletproof limos and secret service agents in black suits that protect the president on the ground, but what happens if a threat comes from above? The Today Show takes a trip aboard a “rogue” Cessna in a controlled demonstration to find out what happens when an aircraft violates Presidential airspace. Meet the F-16 fighter pilots who protect the skies above the POTUS and see them in action in the video below. The post What happens when a plane violates Presidential airspace appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..
Something about sitting being behind a keyboard or a steering wheel makes people forget basic social courtesy. We’ve all seen those impatient drivers who try to cut in line to save a few minutes getting on or off the express way. Instead of waiting for their turn like everyone else, they race past the line and try to squeeze in at the last possible second. The driver in this video gets a healthy dose of instant karma when he tries to race ahead and crosses a gore in the process. A “gore point” is the triangle shaped zone separating the [More]
Babies aren’t that hard to take care of, and to have a happy, healthy and smiling baby all it takes is a little bit of love. There’s no video that it is more obvious than this one. The proud dad, making sure he was whispering so he wouldn’t wake up his sleeping son, showed what power those three words can have. He gently said “I love you” and the baby’s reaction had all of our hearts melting. Oh my goodness, how much cuter can you get. Even if you never wanted to have a kid, this will make you wanna [More]