Heckler and Koch will be shipping the long awaited VP9SK any day now, but a few lucky reviewers were able to get their hands on the new striker fired pistol a few weeks early. Daniel Shaw puts this compact 9mm through it’s paces with a 550 round first look. The VP9SK is essentially a compact striker-fired version of the popular VP9. Like the larger frame VP models, the VP9SK features an adjustable grip, molded finger grooves, and acclaimed VP trigger known for short, light take-up with a single action break and short reset. After 550 rounds, Shaw was pleased with [More]
Rabbit hunting at 282 yards in 8 mph wind isn’t for beginners. If there are any flaws in your technique, you’re not going to pull this off. At best you’ll miss, at worst you’ll injure the animal. Armed with a CZ452 loaded with .17 HMR V-Max ballistic tips, this hunter makes a perfect single shot kill. This is a perfect example of what a small caliber rifle can do in the hands of a good marksman. If you haven’t tried it before, rabbit is absolutely delicious. The post Rabbit hunting at 282 yards with a .17 HMR appeared first on [More]
Here’s a unique way to look at the United States. The map below shows the largest company in each state by “market cap,” the company’s market capitalization value. A market cap refers to the total value of a company’s available shares in the stock market. A company with 50 million outstanding shares at $20 per share would have a market cap of $1 billion. Market cap is a great tool for investors looking to compare companies. The map below shows the strongest company of each state in terms of the stock market using data from 2016. Note: There have been [More]
While having an impromptu dance off with a friend at a party, Bonnie-Lee Brown dropped it a little too hard and landed in the emergency room. so I ended up with a pole up my bum Saturday night and had to have 3 stitches on my arse cheek and a tetnus jab, how was your weekend? pic.twitter.com/JYTB95FgII — bon (@bonnieleebrown_) January 30, 2017 She didn’t notice the little shoe shelf on the floor and landed directly on the blunt tip of the metal support pole. She stood up almost as fast as she fell after the metal pole tore through [More]
Seeing 10 grown men squeezed into a tiny space and paying classroom instruments will never get old. All of us have seen at least one of Jimmy Fallon’s performances with the Roots and his guests, but when Ed Sheeran stopped by it was something else. I don’t know what is it about Sheeran’s song “Shape of You” but it sounds perfect for this kind of performance, but I never expected it to be this good. Even if you ignore Fallon’s talent for comedy, this is the video that I’ll keep watching for a long time. Classroom instruments never sounded this [More]
I’ve heard this song so many times I can safely call myself a “Hallelujah” expert. From Leonard Cohen’s original to dozens of covers of varying success, this little boy’s version falls in top 5 in my book for sure. At the age of 12 Straalen McCallum became the youngest act to be signed by Sony and when you watch this video you’ll understand why Sony execs were so excited to have them. To sing “Hallelujah” knowing how to sing is not enough, you have to feel the song and this young man does it flawlessly. I wish him a stellar [More]
This woman disgusts me. First of all, lady, mind your own business, and second of all, if anyone deserves a discount it’s this guy and his fellow troops who risk their lives so we could have our freedom. This veteran asked an employee at a fast food restaurant if they offered a veteran discount. For some reason, the woman behind him attacked him because in her opinion he was being rude. When I heard his response it made me wanna shake his hand and pay for his meal myself. God bless our veterans for everything they do. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; [More]
Even as an adult, watching magic tricks always leaves me scratching my head. Though I know there’s an explanation for all of them, I hardly ever figure them out on my own — and I’m positive that I’d never be able to pull them off, either. It takes a lot of dexterity to fool a crowd of curious onlookers, and I just don’t have it. That’s why this magician’s tricks are still pretty astounding to me even after his secrets are revealed. If you’re looking for a cool way to impress your friends and family during the holidays, here are [More]