Brian Johnson gets to test drive the Volkswagen XL1, the world’s most fuel-efficient car. Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips:
The Partisan One is a new military vehicle concept that looks like it was built from a giant Erector Set. Built by relatively unknown German motor company Partisan, the Partisan One is supposedly bomb-proof and comes with a 100-year warranty. Designed to be the toughest SUV known to man, the boxy behemoth features a 2.8 liter Fiat diesel capable of 148 bhp. Partisan claims their concept vehicle will also support hybrid electric power. It turns out that the Erector Set comparison isn’t too far from the truth. “The car can be delivered to the destination in the form of lightweight [More]
The battlefield can change dramatically during a war that lasts well over a decade. This fantastic info-graphic shows how US ground forces adapted tactics to face an ever-changing threat in the Middle East. Each time, the US military either enhanced or improved equipment to offer better protection or a strategic advantage over the enemy. Sadly, many of these changes were often criticized for not coming sooner. Take a look at the video below and let us know what you thought with a Facebook comment. The post How US troops adapted to threats in the Middle East after more than a [More]
Tribal tattoos were all the rage in the late 1990s, heck even George Clooney’s hitman character from Dusk ’til Dawn has one peeking out of his collar, but they’re far less fashionable in the 21st century. Thankfully a tattoo shop in Bristol was able to turn this regretful decision into a magnificent tribute to the soldiers who fought in WWI. Take a look at the transformation with the gallery below. Let us know what you thought about this cover with a comment on Facebook. The post Man covers dated tribal tattoo with incredible WWI tribute appeared first on America. Girls. [More]
By user request, TAOFLEDERMAUS answers the question “can you drive a railroad spike with a shotgun?” To address this weird request, Jeff and Danny will be using Federal Premium Vital Shok 1 oz. slugs with a 1300 fps muzzle velocity. The spike has been marked with yellow lines at 1″ increments. The first shot drives the spike just under 1″ into the post, but the spike bounced back out immediately after impact. See if the shotgun can stand a chance against old John Henry in the video below. The post Can you drive a railroad spike into a post using [More]
I remember when I was in school being seen with a pacifier in my mouth and a bib around my neck would be equal to saying goodbye to my social life. These five-graders not only turned embarrassing yourself into an art form, they even got millions of YouTube views and fans all around the world. They act was announced as a part of the school’s talent show, but when they removed that black curtain this was the last thing I expected. Nothing beats the classic comedy acts and these boys are not only hilarious, they’re so adorable as well. goviralhasPoppedUp [More]