Inventor Richard Browning has been called Britain’s Iron Man, and he just broke his own record. The owner and operator of Gravity Industries, Browning is obsessed with the development of a human flight system for both commercial and entertainment purposes. He sees these suits like a high end jet ski, it may not have a practical purpose yet but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to fly. After many different iterations, Browning and his team have developed a fully functional jet-suit that’s surprisingly easy to pilot. In the video below Browning shows the suit’s capability and sets a [More]
Matt from Demolition Ranch is back with one of the more uncommon calibers in his arsenal, the FN 5.7x28mm. Designed by FN Herstal in Belgium, the 5.7mm is a bottlenecked centerfire cartridge that’s very similar to the .22 Hornet. The unusual pistol round was developed for use in both the Five seveN handgun and FN P90 PDW. With a bullet weight around 40 grains, the 5.7mm is lighter and faster than most other semi-automatic handgun rounds. Matt had a great time stopping his .50 cal BMG with a few blocks of dry ice. Now he’d like to see what happens [More]
A large tree had fallen down in Paul Firbas’ backyard. He asked a friend for some help. Trees can fall for several different reasons, but one things for certain, if a tree falls in a residential area, you have to remove the tree. Paul called his friend to come help with the removal of a fallen tree, and luckily for us, it was all recorded. It seems his friend forgot to start at the base of the trunk. After removing some branches and the top of the tree, the fallen tree springs back up into place. Watch the video to [More]
It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 4 years since then 11 year old Anna Christine wowed the judges on the America’s Got Talent with this haunting rendition of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses”. Whether you watched it or not we promise you it will send chills down your spine. As if singing the song wasn’t too big of a pressure for the little girl, she actually performed her own cover of the song. Her age and the melancholy of the famous tune is still considered by many as the best version of the song since the original came [More]
Toys, candy, make-up, tickets for a Justin Bieber concert, when you pick a gift for your kid I bet there’s nothing that would get a reaction such as this. Mom came to pick her daughter from school but she didn’t tell her she was bringing her a gift. I totally understand the way she reacted because trust me, I’d react the same way. She saw something moving in the driver’s seat and when she opened the door… OMG this is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen. I just know they’ll grow up to be best friends. goviralhasPoppedUp = false; // [More]
I watched this 10 times back to back and the longer I watch it the funnier it gets. Most kids have their favorite song and little Barnold here particularly likes to get jiggy with Will Smith. Still, it’s not just the way he gets jiggy with it, it’s the whole routine that precedes it. I thought it was just a baby doing baby things, but Barnold was just making sure his dance floor is to his liking before he hits it. I gotta say, those are some impressive moves for a kid his age and I sure hope Will Smith [More]
While most boys his age spent their free time playing video games, watching TV or spending time with their friends, 12 year old Campbell has a unique passion that put smiles on sick children’s faces. While most kids ride bikes – Campbell sews. What his mom thought would be just a phase became his obsession. It all started when he asked his mom for a budget to buy presents for Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, the mom of 9 couldn’t afford it so he asked if he could make some gifts instead. It took him some time to figure out his first [More]
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Meet Seattle’s celebrity dog, Eclipse, who takes a bus to a nearby park all by herself. “All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does,” fellow rider Tiona Rainwater told KOMO. “She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this face?” Show Full Text It all started when the black Labrador and Mastiff mix was at a bus stop with her owner Jeff Young. Her human was taking too long to finish his cigarette. So, when the bus arrived, the pooch just got on it by herself and got off at the park. Since [More]