It’s easy to throw around the word “hero,” but sadly the men and women responsible for acts of true heroism rarely live to hear it. Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly tells the story of Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter and Cpl. Jonathan Yale, two Marines who gave everything to save the men and women standing behind them. In 2010 then-Lt. General John Kelly told their story just four days after his own son died in combat. Read his full speech below: Two years ago when I was the Commander of all U.S. and Iraqi forces, in fact, the 22nd of [More]
Many quickly conclude that Bluestar is blue from her name, her description as blue-gray, and the fact that blue-gray cats exist. However, Bluestar is not as blue as you think. All the drawings used in the video are mine.
Today we had to do a little work around the house. Our dryer broke even though we just fixed it. Tim takes the dryer apart and runs a few tests to figure out what is wrong with it. It turns out it was one of the thermostats that we just replaced. We ordered a new one so we were not able to get the dryer fixed today, but we were able to do some work in the front yard. There is a stump in the front yard that we need to take out. Tim worked long and hard to get [More]
If you’re new, Subscribe! → Cats: the Egyptians worshipped them, the Internet loves them, and almost no one understands them. Why do they purr? What’s all the meowing about? Let’s explore the feline brain and get to the bottom of it… Wild at heart | 0:21 Cat code | 1:13 Op-PAW-sites attract | 2:09 Two-way street | 2:53 Walking heat maps | 3:56 Why cats purr | 4:58 Read more here → Nature Cats That Are Almost Bigger Than Their Owners False Facts About The Future That Never Came True Signs That Other Intelligent Life [More]
The physical pain of child birth is one of those things that men are mercifully exempt from having to experience. But have you ever wondered just how a man would cope with having to give birth? Well as you can see from the hilarious video below, the answer to that question is “not very well.” Show Full Text The man writhing in agony is Johnny Wade, a Lincoln Memorial University Student who bravely volunteered to be hooked up to a machine that emulates the pain experienced by women during childbirth. With his friends filming him and another friend holding him, [More]
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A building collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya, last week, leaving 23 people dead and 93 missing. Rescuers have been working tirelessly since the moment they stepped onto the horrific scene. Just as they were giving up hope on May 3, however, the team came across a six-month-old baby in the rubble. Miraculously, the child had no significant injuries and only needed treatment for dehydration, which she received immediately. Her name is Dealeryn Saisi Wasike, and her parents could not believe their eyes when they saw that their little one was alive and well after such an awful ordeal. The baby not [More]
Natural leaders understand everyday persuasion by helping others visualize what they see.
Subscribe to the Men’s Fitness YouTube channel for our weekly Workouts of the Week, posted every Monday throughout 2015: In this interview with England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup winning coach, Clive Woodward reflects on leadership, building a winning culture and the Red Rose’s best ever player. Click here for the full interview: Click here for our workout of the week playlist: Click here for our home workout playlist: Subscribe to the Men’s Fitness UK channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Hang with us on Google+: Men’s Fitness magazine is [More]
TAOFLEDERMAUS has a great program called ‘You Build It, We’ll Shoot It.” In this video he tries out some all brass “doorknob” slugs sent in by a machinist named Evan. These handcrafted slugs are 1 oz. of pure brass with a stabilizing washer attached to the back end. Fired from a Benelli Nova with a rifled choke they’re surprisingly accurate and pack one hell of a punch. The post Home intruder? Don’t let the brass “doorknob” slug hit you on the way out! appeared first on America. Girls. Guns..