RiverClan Peaces Out – Harestar: Day 7 – Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

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Howdy, partner! I can hardly believe today is day 7 of Harestar! Our last Clan leader.

Yeah. Yeah. I know there’s SkyClan – but I plan on coming back to them after the Vision of Shadows series is completed. I think we’ll have more to go off of then.

And truly. I’m just ready to start medicine cats. They have fun lives – and hold a lot of everyone favorite characters!

But – alas we must first finish Harestar’s final day. Where is actually CLAN LEADER now.

Look at that boi up on leader branches at the Clan Gathering looking all grown up.

They all grow up so fast. How does it happen?

Speedpaint magic – that’s how!

And the scene my sister Rachel is going to be drawing today is of Harestar dealing with his first gathering. Which is a spicy one. You’ll see why.

I’ll read the scene to you now. It’s on pages 29 through 33 of Darkest Night.

Wait what? RiverClan. Can you do that?

Just peace out and put up a RiverClan is closed for business sign.

Is that allowed?

I-I guess so. Well then. This should be fun.

I think it’s funny that Mistystar was just like – Good luck Harestar. You’ll need it. Ha. Peace!

*does finger guns until her and RiverClan have disappeared off the island*

I’d love to hear in the comments section down below what you think of Harestar’s speech. And what you think he’ll do with his leadership?

Let me know, down below!

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LPS Princess says:

Riverclan: *puts up sign at their camps entrance*

LoloPlayz Roblox and maybe more says:

Plzz do JayBae

Erin Anderson says:

Ravepaw? (Ravenpaw's name was accidentally spelled like that)

Erin Anderson says:

I have a Warriors theory… you know how Mosskit gave Bluestar the life of trust? Well, maybe when she (Bluestar) lost that life in Into The Wild, the extra trust that Mosskit had given her was starting to ebb away. I mean, she still had trust, but her EXTRA trust was starting to go away until she had the same amount of trust that she had when she was Bluefur. She was trying to hold on to that extra trust.
When Tigerclaw betrayed ThunderClan, though, Bluestar's EXTRA trust went away and since she had been holding on to it for so long, a bit of her normal trust went away as well. Even though it went away, when she had vivid memories, like of Oakheart, Thistleclaw, or Snowfur, then maybe some of that trust came back at times, which explains her outbursts to Fireheart and then her being calmer and trusting him. Or maybe her going from 'I don't trust you' to 'I trust you' was just because Tigerclaw betrayed her.
When she nearly drowned, though, and got brought back up to the surface by Fireheart (Firestar now) and Mistyfoot (Mistystar now), all of her OLD trust came back, and she trusted her Clan and had faith in StarClan. See what I'm getting to?
Note: Me knowing that Mosskit gave Bluestar a life, and that it was the life of trust, that is a spoiler to me. I saw it by accident on Warriors Wiki

Sūru RPG says:

Can't wait for Goosefeather do him talking him to mapleshade.

Rachid Ayadi says:

hey mabey she could do a speedpaint celibrating all the leader speedpaints she's done so we won't forget them ;D

Wolfiegirl The Weirdo says:

The finger guns

silver moon says:

Onestar Noo plzzz

redwhisker says:

I died at the riverclan can' put up a riverclan is closed for business

Anastasia Ciuca says:

Do Raven wing is very intetesting with Mapleshade

Blue Stripe says:

Is that when the blue star contest

Bluestar says:

We need brairlight XD

TobyandMavisforever says:

Tallstar: Onewhisker, you're the new leader. See you in StarClan, peace out!
Mistystar: Congrats on becoming leader Harestar. I need to spend time away from gatherings for a while, peace out!

Edit: Thanks for the heart, Pinky!

Star Pit says:

I hope the Shadowclan cats who joined the rogues goes to the Dark Forest.

wild world of wonder says:

She went back to lateclan 2 kits in her jaws. She put them down. My dear silverkit and graykit"she mewed smiling. Latestar hugged them and licked their fur to keep them warm. She looked at icepelt and smiled blushing.

Lilmissmangled AJ says:

Earlyclan! Hathering here!

creepy strike says:

y'all know the drill!

0. windstar
1. tallstar
2. onestar
3. mudclaw
4. crowfeather
5. breezepelt
6. nightcloud
7. ashfoot
8. deadfoot
9. barkface

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