RPG Science #2: Dexterity and Reaction Time

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Where does your Dex bonus come from? To answer that, we explore reaction time as a real-world parameter for understanding Dexterity.

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HighearValley says:

what about sleight of hand?

Aeithernet says:

RPG Science is the best thing i have seen on Youttube in a long time! keep up the good work!

Carbon Scythe says:

After seeing this I HAD to find out what my Dex is so I looked up a VRT-test sight and did tried it 30 times and took the mean, with your formula I ended up with the crappy Dexterity of 8! :'D


PS. Also in your halfing strenght video, I found out that my strenght is 12.

Midfish says:

Great stuff, keep it up.

AJ Pickett (The Mighty Gluestick) says:

Really loving these RPG science videos! What are your thoughts on Dexterity as it applies to balance and stealth? Does the extra reaction speed allow for more balance corrections per second, or more rapid adjustments to motion and position as the character sneaks around?

Game Sack says:

Are you editing these yourself? If so you've gotten pretty damn good. Fun facts, too.

Talking About Games says:

Cool video! In the Hackmaster RPG, for the most part, reaction time is represented by combining the Wisdom and Dexterity modifiers, which I prefer over other systems; maybe it's because you are "wise enough" to pay attention and react, haha. Fighters, Assassins and Thieves usually have improved capabilities related to this as well, because of their training.

Although, the whole reaction time factor seems quite difficult to accurately represent in RPGs; like Bruce Lee used to explain, that there is a long distance between the brain, the arm and the fist; sometimes our minds react, but our body will fail to move if not properly trained.

Awesome video series by the way, it gets the brain juice flowing (hopefully in the right direction!)

MerlosTheMad says:

I used to say that a low roll on a reflex or dex check was because their character blinked. lol

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